Sunday, December 9, 2012

j.crew pretties

just when i was getting a little tired of the color multiplying cardigans, bauble necklaces and pencil skirts, j.crew comes out with some new pretties:

j.crew pretties

if you follow my instagram, you know i added these necklaces to my collection. i have already worn them layered and alone multiple times this past week.

what's caught your eye recently?

until next time,


Sunday, November 4, 2012

weekly update: 11.04.2012

snapped this shot while on a saturday afternoon errand run.

i scored the beloved spotted satchel just last week on sale at anthropologie. at the time, i opted for the clutch - but always had a spot in my heart for the satchel. the price was just too high to justify owning both (even when it went on sale). so when i saw it for $59.95 + the extra 25% off, it was just the right price. winning!

and i am on a roll this week:

last night at anthropologie, i spotted a scalloped stripes dress (now sold out) in the brown/peach combo. this one was never in stores, and i wasn't motivated to place an online order since i wasn't sure if i would like the color combo. loved it in person! i can see myself wearing it all fall and winter.

and then this morning, the circle eyelet dress popped back up on j.crew's site. sale + extra 25% off = amazing score. i had been wishing for that one to pop back up in my size.


here is my outfit breakdown:

erranding. by prettycupcake
tee, cords, coat - target (coat is on sale this week!)
purse - anthropologie
driving mocs - prada, similar shown above

and in case you are wondering, i did end up cleaning out most of my closet over the past couple weeks (i am going back through now and being even more ruthless). just need to snap the "after" pictures to share with you!

until next time,

styling options for the anthropologie chardonnay sheen dress

awhile back, i received a request to style the anthropologie chardonnay sheen dress.


finally getting around to posting what i came up with (and shared via polyvore weeks ago):


how would you style this one?

until next time,

holiday dressing

i love a little sparkle and a lot of fancy. but i can't as wear much of that in everday life.

close up of the adelita brocade mini dress 
no surprise that these pretties from anthropologie are sure making me excited for the holiday. the perfect excuse to load up on sparkle and fancy.

holiday wishlist from anthropologie

Goldleaf Cocktail Dress

Adelita Brocade Mini Dress

Gilt Floribunda Cardi

Dimensional Petals Cardi

Embroidered Lace Pencil Skirt

how do you like to celebrate the holidays?

until next time,

Thursday, October 11, 2012

weekly update: 10.11.2012

hello! popping in to share some outfits from the past weeks:
anthro ponte dress :)

h&m polka dot dress

anthro lace peplum top
ann taylor loft jaquard crops

target leopard dress
anthro coat

parker sequin aztec jacket

target blazer, scarf, dress
cynthia vincent booties

and a little life update.

it takes forever to finish unpacking and settling in.

i finally am getting my bedroom in order:

and it feels so nice! (p.s. did you spot the pirum-parum print? i love mixing modern and vintage.)

so now, i am attempting to tackle my beastly closets.

though i love the idea of a simple, well-maintained closet... i am just not that kind of girl. (my friend L actually laughed at me when i described a dream of a small, european style wardrobe. you know a total of 20 items - each hanging with 5 inches apart).

i am just going to goal myself to pare down and order by ROYGBIV. amazing how that can make it feel so different!

though this has been a long time coming, i do think it is important to understand the space before diving in. i like to live in the space to understand where i naturally go to find my shoes (should they be by the door or in my room?) and how the flow of getting dressed is most efficient (do i want blouses and skirts together or all bottoms in a closet?) before setting it all up. but now it is time.

i did my inspiration pinterest.

i did some googling of blogger how-tos.

i have been slowly sorting and thinking.

and i want all of the closet to feel like my sweater section:

and i made a little progress already tonight:
starting to organize skirts by color

my donate to charity pile! wooot!

i need to finish purging, assess the goods (do i need more hanging space, folded? do i need to get more hangers?) and then get busy putting it all back together.

my only ask, hold me to it! i better post some "after" pictures on Sunday or else ;)

how do you like to organize? what helps you get motivated? i need all the help i can get!

until next time,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a curious little anthro wishlist.


just sharing some new pretties i am curious about.

it's about time i created a wishlist from my favorite store :)

fox intarsia sweater style #: 25145814 --> if only this one wasn't so spendy.

spun meteoroid blouse style #: 26223347 --> again. definitely waiting for sale

dappled sea blouse style #: B24031932 --> tried on tonight. seemed to run true to size. loved the print!

embroidered lace pencil skirt style #: 24691453 --> ran pretty true to size. definitely purchasing soon!

what fancies are you curious about?

until next time,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekly update: 9.23.2012

hello there! just sharing a little weekly update.

on sunday, i finally got out a hammer and some nails and moved my purses from the floor to the wall in my closet.

isn't it funny how some projects only take a few minutes to complete, but months to find the inspiration or motivation to do it?

wore stars and studs:

blazer - heritage 1981
dress - zara (spring)
booties - zara (current)

had an extra dose of dots (and a dash of leopard for good measure):

pants - ann taylor LOFT
blouse - target
flats - nordstrom halogen

and ended my week with a lovely birthday trip to anthropologie:

i setup a special appointment with the personal shopper to use my 15% discount.

Not only did she prep by pulling tons of options, but she brought a cupcake and had the gals sing to me. totally unneccessary, but made the event all the more special. one of the many reasons why i heart the gals at my anthropologie so much!

what i wore. polka dot target bow blouse, joe's high water skinny jeans, nordstrom ivanka trump flats.
wearing separates is always helpful for trying on. i like to try tops on with my own jeans to know if they would easily incorproate into my wardrobe.

some of the good pieces i tried:


sizes i am wearing:
medium in the spun stripes pullover
6.5 in joppa pumps
large in west wing dress (this did not come home with me... but... gosh. i wish it did!)
small in pleated ponte dress (sizing still big, but not as big as LY fluted ponte dress)

i asked the personal shopper to help me find some casual pieces (tops) to incorporate into my wardrobe. with all the printed and colored bottoms, i needed some simple easy pieces. i apparently didn't take photos of some of the other pieces i loved... but trust me. i got some good ones.

from there, i couldn't say no to the pretty ponte dress. (i ended up returning the ponte skirt from last week. i could see myself wearing the dress 10x more). the personal shopper and i found some amazing pieces, but i had to be rational. so i left with only a couple pretties and a much longer wishlist.

the rest of the weekend was more mellow and chilly! if tights weren't enough, it was only mid 50s on saturday. though fall means cold weather soon, i did have my first chai tea latte from starbucks. delicious!

running errands over the weekend. can't get enough of my studded boots! (sweater from target, jacket from LY missoni kid's section, joe's jeans)

how was your week? ready for Monday?

until next time,