Thursday, October 11, 2012

weekly update: 10.11.2012

hello! popping in to share some outfits from the past weeks:
anthro ponte dress :)

h&m polka dot dress

anthro lace peplum top
ann taylor loft jaquard crops

target leopard dress
anthro coat

parker sequin aztec jacket

target blazer, scarf, dress
cynthia vincent booties

and a little life update.

it takes forever to finish unpacking and settling in.

i finally am getting my bedroom in order:

and it feels so nice! (p.s. did you spot the pirum-parum print? i love mixing modern and vintage.)

so now, i am attempting to tackle my beastly closets.

though i love the idea of a simple, well-maintained closet... i am just not that kind of girl. (my friend L actually laughed at me when i described a dream of a small, european style wardrobe. you know a total of 20 items - each hanging with 5 inches apart).

i am just going to goal myself to pare down and order by ROYGBIV. amazing how that can make it feel so different!

though this has been a long time coming, i do think it is important to understand the space before diving in. i like to live in the space to understand where i naturally go to find my shoes (should they be by the door or in my room?) and how the flow of getting dressed is most efficient (do i want blouses and skirts together or all bottoms in a closet?) before setting it all up. but now it is time.

i did my inspiration pinterest.

i did some googling of blogger how-tos.

i have been slowly sorting and thinking.

and i want all of the closet to feel like my sweater section:

and i made a little progress already tonight:
starting to organize skirts by color

my donate to charity pile! wooot!

i need to finish purging, assess the goods (do i need more hanging space, folded? do i need to get more hangers?) and then get busy putting it all back together.

my only ask, hold me to it! i better post some "after" pictures on Sunday or else ;)

how do you like to organize? what helps you get motivated? i need all the help i can get!

until next time,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a curious little anthro wishlist.


just sharing some new pretties i am curious about.

it's about time i created a wishlist from my favorite store :)

fox intarsia sweater style #: 25145814 --> if only this one wasn't so spendy.

spun meteoroid blouse style #: 26223347 --> again. definitely waiting for sale

dappled sea blouse style #: B24031932 --> tried on tonight. seemed to run true to size. loved the print!

embroidered lace pencil skirt style #: 24691453 --> ran pretty true to size. definitely purchasing soon!

what fancies are you curious about?

until next time,