Sunday, October 31, 2010

rebecca taylor washed silk tank

i have had my eye on this rebecca taylor washed silk tank for awhile. i am just not quite sure about it. i love how shocking the pink is, but at the same time think it might limit its uses. what do you think?

i styled it a few different ways below to see. first up is a way to wear to work:

or this one for weekend wear, with a t-shirt layered underneath:

lastly, for bumming around the house:

until next time,

some new additions

hello there! i scored a couple cute dresses this weekend, at phenomenal prices (we're talking 60-70% off!)

first, the overtime dress by rebecca taylor. still available at full price on zappos. still debating this one, but i am 90% convinced it's a keeper.

it looks kind of wrinkly/pulling on me in this picture - but i promise, it fit well. i love how effortless the silk top is. the color was just perfect. the lace detailing was also divine. i like the dress best with the sleeves rolled up, but it's nice to have both options. it would be perfect for work.

next up is the lidiya dress by theory in the prospect park plaid. below is the same style of dress, just in the wrong plaid:

here is a close-up of the plaid:

and of course, me modeling (with yoga pants and chuck taylors):

i eyed this one when it first came out a few months ago (maybe early spring?) but dismissed because of the price. when i saw it hanging on super sale in my size only - i knew it was meant to be. this dress will be perfect for casual fridays at work or errands on the weekends. i can see wearing it over skinny jeans or leggings. i like it so much, i wish i could wear it tomorrow!

until next time,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

a little bit bunny cardigan

i am smitten with this little bit bunny cardigan from modcloth.


front and back. silly bunny.

so adorable and quirky. my only concern is that it only comes in one size... thoughts? it says its 17 bust, 16 waist. i know cardis can stretch, but i wish this one had more that one size just to be sure. while i decide, i created a few outfit combos i think this sweater would look darling in.

this first one has a yellow skirt, but really any solid pencil skirt would look fab.

up next is pairing with the aniseed skirt. i think this could be paired with pink or red accessories instead of yellow too.

until next time,

first pick cardi fitting review

i tried on the first pick cardi from anthropologie today and wanted to share with you. i actually liked this one much better in person. the plaid fabric at the bottom was so pretty.

i tried both the small and medium in this one. the small fit, but was a little snug when i buttoned and overall a little short. below is the small, snapped up:

next is the medium. i think i like the fit of this one more, primarily because of the length.

overall, i like it, but not love. i will definitely reconsider at sale time. the top is just a little crafty-cutesy and i am not quite sure how i would integrate it into my wardrobe. i definitely recommend trying it, as it is much more delightful in person.

until next time,

outfit of the day: 10.30.10

hello there. today i paired an older anthro dress (november 2008) with a recent purchase from target. i scored this cardi on clearance for $10! only one quicky picture. i thought i took more, but apparently not.

until next time,