Sunday, February 27, 2011

anthropologie mittaghorn at midnight blouse fitting review

hello, hello. this navy dotted mittaghorn at midnight blouse caught my eye. i had tried on a small at one time and could only find a medium to try now. i think the small was the right size...

now the top comes with a navy blue knit tank to go underneath. i already had on my ivory lace-edged slip on, and wanted to photograph the details of the blouse better, so no navy tank.


i like the pocket detailing. when the blouse is untucked, they are a fun detail. when tucked in, they are low enough to never show.

there are  such pretty little buttons on the back of the blouse too! (just this many on the top)

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anthropologie classic peasant henley fitting review

i was immediately drawn to the little buttons on the classic peasant henley from anthropologie.

this is the medium. i think the small might fit better, but i also like how drapey the top is. i could imagine it with leggings, little ballet flats and a vest running errands. or just for lounging around on the weekend.
here is a close-up of the buttons:

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outfit of the day: 02.27.2011

hello there. today i went for comfortable with an edge.

when i first got the top, i took off the sash and removed the black threads on the sides. this allows me to wear it more as a flowy top and tuck in into skirts more easily than if it had the sash.

i kept it simple with jewelry, adding just my watch, an older bracelet, and then my initial necklace. i usually don't wear necklaces with this top, but i actually really like the initial necklace with it.


here is the polyvore breakdown:

Stretch legging
$50 -


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anthropologie wispy cirrus blouse fitting review

oh goodness. the wipsy cirrus blouse was present for the trying this past weekend at anthropologie. now, i was concerned after reading reviews (and now there is a review with a photo posted) that the color was not the pretty cornflower but something navy/teal. i didn't know if i would still like it or not...

 this was the case on the one i tried on, but i do think it was still so pretty!


after the buttons and below the sash, the top has no more closure. something to be aware of, but i didn't find it to swing open or anything. the sash is a grosgrain ribbon, but it is still pretty. in the above photo, it definitely needs some tlc.

love. love. love. for your reference, i am wearing the medium. it fit perfectly.
and then a shot of the back.

has it been 30 days yet?

until next time,

p.s. the blouse is by darling, i checked out their website to scope them out, as i liked all three anthropologie pieces they have on their website. goodness! how very delightful indeed.

first they had the same wispy cirrus top, referred to as the willa top, in the blue, as well as brown and green.

then, there were some other darling pieces that i had to share.including what anthropologie calls the china patterns blouse and the convergence skirt:

lastly, this dress caught my eye:

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outfit of the day: 02.26.2011

well hello there.

best in show... twice in a row?
yes. (and with an ann taylor loft jacket for outerwear)

i tried to shake it up with some inspiration from fallon

by now you know i had loved this outfit, but unfortunately, the skirt was not meant to be. so, i tried it with the nordic blue version instead.  here is my polyvore of the outfit:
Lace-Edged Slip
$58 -

J Crew blue skirt
$160 -

Forever21 striped socks (similar. mine are from j.crew 2008? 2009?)
$3.80 -

High heel boot
$120 -

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Friday, February 25, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.25.2011

hello there! day 25! i am 83.333% of the way done with the 30x30! wahoo!

i finally picked up my dry cleaning today and some of my old favorites are tempting me from behind the bag... only 5 more days twinkle twinkle, violets gloaming, and h&m heart blouse! i promise i'll be with you soon!

i am continuing to try to wear some of my lesser worn 30x30 pieces, like the best in show blouse.

i layered a lace camisole underneath the tank. it's an older anthropologie piece (from maybe 2008?)

and of course, i had to share another outerwear shot. i love this periwinkle color so much!

here is the polyvore breakdown:

Red Herring cream jacket
8 GBP -

AG Adriano Goldschmied flare jean
$185 -

Distressed leather boot
$120 -

like i said earlier. today marks day 25 of the 30x30 challenge. so it was about time i did a little reflection on the challenge and share some of my insights. below is a quick recap of all my outfits. i think my favorites so far are #1, #7, #12 and #15.  what do you think?

whew! so what have i learned from the challenge so far?
  • i like dresses. (no kidding?) but i would rather spend more on a dress and wear it all the time than less on a separate (such as a top or skirt) that i hardly wear.  i just gravitate towards dresses when i wake up in the morning and when i want to throw something on for errands. for me, it's important i remember that before purchasing any more skirts or blouses!
  • not all dresses are created equal. i already know i need sleeves on my dresses, but i also need to be careful of dresses with drawstring waists or other ruffles that make it hard to layer under jackets, sweaters, or even belts. my andalusian horse dress is a good example. it is hard to layer with because of all the ruffles, self drawstring waist, etc. (this could also be said about the laced with grace dress. i love this one and it isn't a part of my 30x30, but the larger sleeves make it hard to put under a cardigan.)
  • when you have a wardrobe full of pieces you love, they somehow just work together quite easily. it seems i have endless combinations with these random pieces. this is important to remember before buying new pieces. i have some pieces i don't even get a chance to wear as often now!
  • getting dressed is a form of expression for me as much as decorating my home. though limiting myself with 30 options was fun (and a challenge), i am definitely looking forward to my whole closet again. :) as silly as it sounds, it will be like getting a piece of me back.

that's all for now... tomorrow a trip to anthropologie to hopefully narrow down my wishlist!  :)

until next time,