Monday, January 31, 2011

it's official. the 30x30 challenge.

hello, hello! it's here. the 30x30 challenge from kendi everyday is really happening. i am excited to begin and for the outfit possibilites. (is it okay if i am a little nervous too!?)  here's what i ended up with:

and lastly, i switched up the white tee i had for something a little off broadway if you will...

below is my polyvore set of items (i'll use this to help create my outfits). feel free to jump in and add some in too! (p.s. i can't wait to re-create a "golden" outfit that was created by roxanns from my mix and match me polyvore mini editor. it uses items that are all from the 30x30 challenege and i have loved it since the moment i saw it, but needed the skirt before i could wear.)

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

so to recap:
  • 2 pants (1 corduroy legging, 1 jean)
  • 5 skirts
  • 6 shoes (2 boots, 4 heels)
  • 3 blazers/jackets
  • 4 cardigans
  • 7 tops (5 blouses, 2 button-downs)
  • 3 dresses
that's 30 items total.  see me wear the 30 items listed above, in 30 different outfits. i can add in any accessories (belts, scarves, jewels, tights) i want, but no shopping until it's all done. let's have some mixing fun!

see, i can rhyme too :)

until next time,

outfit of the day: 01.31.2011

hello! last day of freedom until the 30x30 starts! okay, well maybe thinking of myself in a "30x30 prison" for the next month is not the best way motivator to begin a challenge. i need to think positive. i can pick 30 items. i can make 30 outfits. i can pick 30 items, i can make 30 outfits. but before i do that for the next 30 days, i can wear anything in my closet. oooh so fun! so special! with that in mind, i tried to pick some pieces i havent worn in awhile that aren't in my 30x30.

behold the peppered and striped skirt, my over the moon booties, and gingham shirt. together.

what do you think? gingham, plaid, and polka dots? 

theres a bit of blue and white in the plaid waistband of the skirt. the prints almost work together instead of competing. i kept all my other accessories more neutral too.

here is the polyvore breakdown. my shirt is from j.crew but from a few years back...

now i am off to finalize my 30x30 and take some pictures. eeeek!

until next time,

Sunday, January 30, 2011

outfit of the day: 01.30.2011

speaking of target for tucker dresses - i wore mine again today. i went to view the potential apartment and wanted to look a little nicer. i had on the h&m jacket over the dress, but i forgot to take a picture! i promise it looked adorable.

here is a quicky breakdown:
  • martingale boots - anthropologie
  • lacey tights - aerie
  • tucker dress - target
  • belt - anthropologie
  • slip - anthropologie
  • watch - michael kors
  • scarf - gap
  • tousled hair - bed and curling iron :)
until next time,

anthropologie fluttering obi dress fitting review

hello! i finally tried on the fluttering obi dress by corey lynn calter from anthropologie.


i was really surprised by how well it fit and how the color actually did not wash me out! for your reference, i am wearing the size 6. it fit, but i think i would like to try on the size 8, my true size, for it to be a bit more loose in the hips and maybe have a longer obi wrap to tie around? hmm... there was only a 6 in the store, so i might have to order it!

i would have tied the obi in the front, but it was stitched on the back of the dress and i didn't want to pull out the stitches to try. i also liked the reverse turquoise color of the belt, shown below.

i could see myself wearing this for work so easily. it reminds me of my target for tucker dresses.

wishlisted for sale time!

until next time,

outfit of the day: 01.29.2011

hello there! just a quicky outfit from saturday:

and the polyvore breakdown of course:
D'armee Dress
$138 -
Army dresses »

Lace-Edged Slip -
$58 -

Printed Lurex Fishnets
$9.88 -
Fishnet hosiery »

ivory cowl scarf -
GAP scarves »

bowling green belt -
Belts »

until next time,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

pottery barn find: mitchell cubby organizers

i have always loved this photo below. it appeared in the country living magazine in i think january of 2005:
photo by Andrew McCaul. link here to article on country living

i really liked the wall color (lavender mist) and how inviting, yet organized it looked. (oh and that memo board? anthropologie of course!) so when i was looking at this month's pottery barn catalog, i couldn't help but note how their mitchell cubby organizers reminded me of this photo.

what i love most is the little label holders. which in an entryway or closet would be perfect for writing "hats" or "scarves" or "flip-flops." the good thing too is i think i could easily re-create label holders on any sort of cubbies. (check out these ones from pottery barn.)
what i love most is the little label holders. which in an entryway or closet would be perfect for writing "hats" or "scarves" or "flip-flops." the good thing too is i think i could easily re-create label holders on any sort of cubbies. (check out these ones from pottery barn.)

definitely wishlisted for the new apartment.


until next time,

Friday, January 28, 2011

outfit of the day: 01.27.2011

yesterday, i broke out the new h&m jacket. i paired it with this anthropologie paisley pixie anna sui dress i picked up on second cut. what do you think?

the belt is the bowling green belt from anthropologie, #18257006.

i also picked it up with the dress on sale. it went on sale back in the summer time. i had never given much thought to the belt, but i love it when i tried it on with both this dress and the d'armee.

here is the polyvore breakdown:
Martingale Boots
$120 -
High heels »

Going In Circles Headband
$32 -
Hair accessories »

the delightful find: h&m jacket
H&M jackets »

bowling green belt -

until next time,