Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekly update: 9.23.2012

hello there! just sharing a little weekly update.

on sunday, i finally got out a hammer and some nails and moved my purses from the floor to the wall in my closet.

isn't it funny how some projects only take a few minutes to complete, but months to find the inspiration or motivation to do it?

wore stars and studs:

blazer - heritage 1981
dress - zara (spring)
booties - zara (current)

had an extra dose of dots (and a dash of leopard for good measure):

pants - ann taylor LOFT
blouse - target
flats - nordstrom halogen

and ended my week with a lovely birthday trip to anthropologie:

i setup a special appointment with the personal shopper to use my 15% discount.

Not only did she prep by pulling tons of options, but she brought a cupcake and had the gals sing to me. totally unneccessary, but made the event all the more special. one of the many reasons why i heart the gals at my anthropologie so much!

what i wore. polka dot target bow blouse, joe's high water skinny jeans, nordstrom ivanka trump flats.
wearing separates is always helpful for trying on. i like to try tops on with my own jeans to know if they would easily incorproate into my wardrobe.

some of the good pieces i tried:


sizes i am wearing:
medium in the spun stripes pullover
6.5 in joppa pumps
large in west wing dress (this did not come home with me... but... gosh. i wish it did!)
small in pleated ponte dress (sizing still big, but not as big as LY fluted ponte dress)

i asked the personal shopper to help me find some casual pieces (tops) to incorporate into my wardrobe. with all the printed and colored bottoms, i needed some simple easy pieces. i apparently didn't take photos of some of the other pieces i loved... but trust me. i got some good ones.

from there, i couldn't say no to the pretty ponte dress. (i ended up returning the ponte skirt from last week. i could see myself wearing the dress 10x more). the personal shopper and i found some amazing pieces, but i had to be rational. so i left with only a couple pretties and a much longer wishlist.

the rest of the weekend was more mellow and chilly! if tights weren't enough, it was only mid 50s on saturday. though fall means cold weather soon, i did have my first chai tea latte from starbucks. delicious!

running errands over the weekend. can't get enough of my studded boots! (sweater from target, jacket from LY missoni kid's section, joe's jeans)

how was your week? ready for Monday?

until next time,

outfit of the day: 09.17.2012

hello there! the temperature dropped and the tights came out.

up and away dress - anthropologie
heels - joan and david (75% off score from nordstrom rack!)
blazer - scotch and soda
tights - target

until next time,

Sunday, September 16, 2012

fall loving.

with the temperature dropping, i'm getting excited for fall. here are my favorite transitional items:

fall loving.

until next time,

Saturday, September 15, 2012

hey, hey, hey anthro day!

oh goodness. 20% off at anthropologie?! yes, please!

and lucky for me, i received a couple anthropologie gift cards for my birthday - perfect timing to use!
here's what came home with me:
1. ribbed asymmetric cowlneck by sleeping on snow. style #25477514

not super exciting, but it will be an easy layering piece all fall and winter. took a medium. runs true to size.

2. curved stripes cardigan. by rosie neira. style #25566951

really excited about this one. i liked the version from last year, called the cavendish sweater (photo below) but the colors weren't right for me. this year's blue/purple version is perfect. looks great belted (photo above) or left open. wearing a medium. runs true to size.

3. up and away mini dress by leifnotes. style #25031691

took a medium in this one. runs true to size. this photo doesn't do it justice. the faux-wrap styling is flattering and the print was charming.

4. single file belt style #24831927

been loving this one for awhile, looks especially good with the tile burst maxi dress from the summer - but also liked it above with the cardigan and skirt.

5. purple pencil skirt by girls from savoy. shown in photos above with the curved striped cardigan. this skirt had the same ribbon styling details as the fluted ponte dress from last year.

did anyone else partake in the 20% off?

until next time,

p.s. is anyone else as bummed about the lack of mannequins on the anthro website as i am? i am not a fan of the models. hard for me to get a good look at the actual product and the outfits are sort of weird. i liked it better when each item was pictured alone. it also makes using polyvore much harder.  :-/

Friday, September 14, 2012

weekly update: 09.14.2012

hello again!

this was a good week.

the air got a little chilly and broke out the corduroys:
surprised on wednesday by birthday flowers from my favorite friend A:
received an amazing pair of booties:

had a lovely little celebration at chilis:

and took the day off today to treat myself:

here's what i have been wearing (no joke, i wore this outfit 2x this week):


top: everly
jeans: citizens
bangles: j.crew
booties: cynthia vincent

until next time,


hello there!

back to share a quick and easy home project. (and don't fret. a few outfit photos will be posted next!)

i admit, i am a "form over function" person, but that gets tough when i actually need function in my life.  take these vintage drawers:

i have three of them that i use to store DVDs. to find a movie, however, i have to unstack them (they're heavy), or slide them around. and they don't slide on the floor either. they scrunch up the rug,  it is a disaster.

after spending some time on pinterest, i realized i could just add wheels. super easy - but sounds intimidating. hopefully this will inspire you to check off some easy projects that add a little more function in your life :)

disclaimer: i am not responsible for any injury or ill-outcome with this project. good luck!

time: took about 10 minutes per drawer, so 30 minutes total.
supplies: casters (wheels) 4x per drawer, screws, drill, screwdriver and of course, a drawer or box.

here's exactly what i used:

casters came in bags of 2 each, so 6 bags or 12 casters/wheels.
each caster had 4 holes for the screws. with 4 wheels per box, i needed 16 screws per drawer. 
3x16 = 48 screws, so the box of 50 worked great.
** tip - make sure the body of the screw can fit into the hole, but the head is big enough to stick out. i took photos of the ones i used because they met that criteria.
so now for the fun. i pre-drilled holes before i actually screwed into the wood. this step makes the actual screwdriving much easier. before starting, i turned the drawers over and decided where to place the wheels.

the drawers had additional wood on the bottom that were used to slide in and out of wherever they were originally. because it was raised, it made the perfect spot to place the wheel.

at first i put it right up to the edge, but then the wheel hung over the drawer. this means it would stick out when in place. also, the wood on the edge was worn and not the best for screwing into.


i moved the wheel in a bit to allow the wheel room and get to better wood. time to get drilling!

you could mark with a pencil first, but i just kept the caster on the drawer to be speedy. probably less chance of hitting the drill bit with the metal caster :)
here is what it looks like if you moved the caster:
i drilled all four holes first, then used my screwdriver to put the screws in place.


and then just do that 3 more times! it doesn't matter if you would rather drill all the holes first, then screw or do one wheel at a time. i prefered to break it up so my hand didn't get tired :)
and then... voila! a drawer that wheels around.

i loaded them back up with the DVDs and rolled them under my daybed in the living room. perfection. now form is also functional.
until next time,