Thursday, March 31, 2011

bippity boppity bar stools

hello lovelies! very exciting day! (i'll get to the title of the post in a moment.) i picked up the keys for my new apartment and moved a couple boxes in! yay!  here are a few apartment photo sneak peaks of the kitchen and the hallway:

i also stopped over to home depot to pick up my very own wooden dolly on wheels. i learned my new apartment building only has grocery carts (like the awkward metal ones that are 12" deep) to move your items into the building. and as i am trying to save on moving expenses by moving the majority of items by myself, this mewly acquired $15 dolly that can hold up to 1000 lbs will be perfect to help roll my items right into my new apartment. i have a feeling the home depot and i will become close friends over the next two months.

okay, so now back to the title of the post... i am on the hunt for a pair of bar stools and i am finding this to be one of the hardest finds to actually find! first of all, i do not want to spend tons of money. all of them tend to be a bit pricey. secondly, i want it to have a chippy look and have some sort of back support. i also do not want a straw seat. so based on my criteria, i have narrowed the choices to be between two different, yet similar, styles:

first, the trattoria bar stool from ballard designs. i like the classic wood stool. it is very traditional, yet the chippy paint would help it blend in with my items.

or do i want to go with a more industrial metal stool, spray painted in a color like this vintage farmhouse stool available from etsy seller everyeskimo:

i spotted one at hunt and gather last weekend and like the idea of maybe spray painting it pink. :) luckily, its almost the weekend so i can hit up the local antique shops to see if the perfect one is waiting for me.

and speaking of spray painting, what color would you paint this number (meldal from ikea)?

grey blue       or       pale blue       or      pale pink

or something else?

until next time,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

anthropologie new arrivals and a lovely apidae

did you happen to notice the new arrivals at anthropologie this morning? a few caught my eye and i can't wait to share.

but before that, kristin from a lovely apidae tagged me with the versatile blogger award and now it's my job to share the honor with four (i just don't know a whole seven!) of my favorite blog finds, so in no particular order here are four absolutely delightful blogs that i read and you should too!
and then, for four things about "me," i'll share my four top new anthropologie arrivals, that are so very me! :)



from top left: san pedro pencil skirt in turquoisemompos dress (so darling in the close-up photos!), spectator espadrilles, and san pedro pencil skirt in yellow (could this be the "mustard" j.crew replacement?)

until next time,

p.s. really, go check out these blogs. they are so lovely!

outfit of the day: 03.30.2011

hello, hello! i am so excited to show you my latest find from francesca's collections of all places!
it is called the memory lane top. and is completely sprinkled with pink elephants! so adorable!

i picked it up right before my movie date. :) which btw, the adjustment bureau was good! i would recommend it. (and it is definitely more chick flick than action thriller!)

so of course i had to wear it today:

i added in the rippled ribbon belt from anthropologie, this time in the tan colorway. my skirt is a little big, so i cinched it up and made a "paper-bag" waist with the belt.

here's a close up of those elephants:

then, i added the beaded eglantine cardigan in tan and my michael kors watch for good measure.

oh! and my tights are from target by merona collection on sale this week. i love the delicate pattern of them:
merona openwork tight

here is the polyvore breakdown:
$34 -

Beaded top
$128 -

Milly skirt

Distressed leather boot
$120 -

Leather belt
$38 -

until next time,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

outfit of the day: 03.29.2011

hello there! today i brought back out one of my favorite dresses, the hailstone shirtdress from lil. yay!

i added an adorable pale blue bow belt i picked up at anthropologie last night. it comes in tan and blue (update: it is called the rippled ribbon belt) for $38. i am wearing a medium. (its on the smallest hole, so i probably could have gone to the small...)


i love light and medium blue paired with red. almost as much as blue with coral orange.

here is the polyvore breakdown:
Anthropologie dress
$80 -

J Crew ribbed tight
$27 -

Anthropologie shoes
$200 -

Michael Kors tortoise jewelry
$180 -

$38 -

off to forever21 (i'll let you know if there are any good finds) and then movie night to see the adjustment bureau. hope its good!

p.s. i have been busy making a variety of floorplan mock-ups for the new apartment (i am a huge nerd when it comes to interior decorating and i love to plan everything out!) here are two of the many i have created.  i am trying to decide between dining room table in the second bedroom or dining room table in the dining room... hmmm.

what do you think? i am sure once i am in there moving everything around it will all change again! :)
p.p.s speaking of interior design, i get to help my lovely friend B furnish her new home. yay! so excited to go treasure hunting with you!

until next time,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday shopping with s

another sunday, another exciting edition of sunday shopping with s! let's just say this weekend was a whirlwind of window shopping (and a couple picks made their way into my cart.) as you know, i am prepping to move and decorate my new space. half the battle is knowing what is out there, then letting my imagination soar with the possibilities.

places i visited:
home depot
urban outfitters
home goods (umm... i think 4 total locations. one had a t.j.maxx too!)
hunt and gather (of course!)
guild design collective
target (again, i think i made it to maybe 3 or 4 locations?)
tuesday morning
and then i browsed ebay and etsy for more.

geesh! tired? me too. i took a nap all afternoon. :)

here is the best of my adventures. first of all, i have been loving this alphabet sampler in vibrant colors. it's enough classic, but a little quirky.

the gilded frame is perfect. no need to re-frame. it's a little spendy though, so i am hoping it can stick around for a few more weeks. it is so hard to play the waiting game with a vintage, one-of-a-kind piece!

at ikea, i found some cute curtains. they were "last chance." and after having the blue/grey tromnes daybed sell out (so dissapointing!!) i picked them up. i like the white/grey pattern, but it is a little more modern for me than traditional ivory curtains. still deciding...

then, i saw some cute pots at home goods. these would be cute for the new patio, but almost a little too cottagey for me:

but, they definitely reminded me of cath kidston - no?

more vintage treasures between hunt and gather and guild collective:


anyone else think mary and the rooster side-by-side is funny pairing? i took the next photo as i am on the hunt for some sort of cabinet. it's one of those, "i'll know it when i see it." kinda pieces, but i don't want it to be taller than 65" and i want it to have glass doors.

last but not least, i ended up getting a chandelier! i loved the whoopsie daisy chandelier from land of nod, but something kept me from pulling the trigger. and when i saw this one on ebay:

i knew it was perfect. i like that it has 6 lights instead of 4. that is a better size for the dining room. i also like the variety of flowers, instead of just daisies. it needs a little tlc on the candlesticks and some new wiring, but nothing my local lamp shop can't fix. i took my tole lamps (also scored on ebay) to the lamp shop and they were able to re-wire and change the cord to a clear color in less than an hour.  i know this is probably an easy do-it-yourself project, but lamp wiring isn't something i want to take on anytime soon :) can't wait for it to arrive!

p.s. i made a little storyboard on polyvore to pull it all together for the living room and dining room. knowing most of my other furniture is a shade of white... i think it just might all work together.
Conure Rug, Round
$78 -

Milo Sofa, Mist Twill -
$2,300 -

$50 -

Cleo Chair, Polly
$998 -

Utensil-Go-'Round Spinner
$28 -

until next time,