Wednesday, May 25, 2011

craving some new spring pretties

spring is finally here and it's making me crazy for pastels and florals (like i wasn't already a fan of those...) here is my new short list of loves:
$228 -

Gathering Breeze Dress -
$258 -

$378 -

i first saw the chair and cubby cabinet on decor8. so swoon-worthy! too bad the store is in the phillipines or both would have been ordered already!

until next time,

Monday, May 23, 2011

outfit of the day: 05.21.2011

hello there! how has the past week been? i have been busy moving and missing from here (and miss all of you!) but i promise i will come back soon enough. i still don't have internet at my new place (and i think that is a good thing. it is forcing me to unpack quickly!) but as soon as i do, i promise it will be back to normal daily-ish posting.

i also made the bold move to cancel my comcast cable subscription. eek! no tv! i have been wanting to start exercising more, reading more, and getting out and about. i think no tv will help me do all those things (at least for the summer...) plus i can still watch secrets from a stylist on

do you have cable? if not, do you miss tv? how do you supplement?

on saturday, i wore a dress i picked up at ann taylor loft earlier this spring. it was finally warm enough to wear, but i forgot to snap a picture. i am sure you'll see me in it throughout the summer though :) i purchased a small in the dress. it was breezy and comfortable all day long.
$69 -

Ankle strap sandal
$118 -

$28 -

i picked up the peacock plume sandals this week at anthropologie and couldn't be happier. i found they ran true to size and were really comfortable. we're talking i wore them for 8 hours walking around and they were still cushy! :) the brand is kelsi dagger. normally i love her sandals but cannot wear them because of the cross straps near the toes. my feet are a little wide and never seem to fit quite right in those straps. i am happy to report with these i had no issues. perfect fit. yay!

have a lovely monday and i'll be back sooner than later with more outfits and apartment snapshots!

until next time,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

outfit of the day: 05.18.2011

holy may! it is already the 18th. can you believe it!? so last night amidst all the moving, i popped into anthropologie for a bit of a relief. plus, looking at their displays always inspires me for my own home. i ended up trying on a few random sale things, including the hydrangea petals maxi dress by moulinette soeurs. this dress never appealed to me until i saw it on molly from anthromollogies here that is. <sigh>

so pretty right? i love how she styled it... but i still thought it wouldn't be quite right on me and it was long gone from my local stores. then, last night, they had a lonely size 4 on the sale rack. i am not a 4, but i grabbed it and tried anyway. it fit perfectly (either it runs big or all this moving has got me in shape!). it looked like it was made for me. even the right length on my 5'4 frame!

i fell in love. so flowy. so perfect for breezy days. and... i could make it work for work. don't believe me? see below:



here is the polyvore breakdown (i also think a navy blazer would be amazing with this dress!):
Silk maxi dress
$100 -

Peep toe wedge
$138 -

$28 -

New Arrivals - Clothes -
$118 -

have a lovely wednesday night. i might take a night off from moving and just unpack a bit.

until next time,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

outfit of the day: 05.16.2011

hello!  still catching up, but did you all get anything delightful at the anthropologie tag sale today?

i popped online this morning and ended up ordering just the pezza dress in the green colorway... i initially liked the blue (and reviewed it here) but it was no longer available online and all my local stores have been sold out of it for some time (and i am still debating on it as i am not sure the green will be quite right for me...)

anyways, onto the outfit of the day: ever have those days where you just love your outfit? i felt like that on monday.

it started off with the weekend. on friday night, S went to dinner with me and helped me move a bit. it is certianly nice to have some help. (can't wait till sunday when we meet up again!) then, i had a wonderful evening with my pal M on sunday. she popped over to have a "grand tour" of the apartment and brought delicious eclairs to celebrate. yay!

if there is one thing that is fun about moving it is all the friends who come to visit (especially ones who bring treats!)! anyway, the good vibes from the weekend just continued into monday morning. i had to wake up extra early as now i am an official "communter." i had just finished organizing one side of my closet, so it was nice and easy to create an outfit.

i love roygbiv organization by garment type.

still working on the shoes above. but from my organized closet, i came up with this:

i had my hair in a ponytail too. it was preppy and simple. i loved it.  i got to wear some heels i have been dying to wear, just not sure what to pair with them. this outfit was perfect for them.


here is the polyvore breakdown:
Betsey Johnson bronze shoes
$81 -

Miss Selfridge leaf jewelry
6.50 GBP -

$28 -

Boys' Cherokee
$6.98 -


oh and curious about progress on the apartment unpacking and styling? 
here's a little sneak peak:

can't wait to get it all prettied up and share more!

until next time,

outfit of the day: 05.14.2011

hello there! i had my first sleepover at my new place on friday night, which means on saturday i had a new place for outfits of the day photos!

what do you think!? it was miserably cold but i wanted to look springy.


i was definitely scavenging for some items to throw together and i liked the combination.

here is the polyvore breakdown:

Aerie smocked dress
$30 -

J Crew v neck cardigan
$78 -

$28 -

until next time,

outfit of the moving day: 05.13.2011

so friday was big furniture and things i can't lift by myself moving day! yay! here's what i wore:

my final ootd picture in my old apartment (with quite a collection of furniture gathered up behind me)

here's the polyvore breakdown:
J crew
$72 -

Joe's Jeans boot cut jeans
$168 -

Ruffled Row Peep Toe

i kept it pretty simple, but really liked the overall look.  i was moving afterall (or.. watching the movers and packing up some last minute items)  :)
here are a few "action" (i.e. sort of blurry) snapshots of my new apartment:

can't wait to share more! (still no internet in my new place!)

until next time,