Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year!

just popping in to wish you all a most delightful 2011!

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anthropologie sing sweetly party dress fitting review and styling options

hello! i spotted the sing sweetly party dress at my anthropologie and it was love. this was a dress i saw online and thought was so darling. in person, it was even better! below is my review:


despite some online reviews stating to go up a size, i found it fit true to size, if not a bit big. i am wearing a size 6. this is the same size i purchased in the two wheeler shirtdress, also by porridge. now, i have more narrow shoulders, but a larger bust - so i was definitely surprised that the 6 fit so well.

strapless dresses are a little impractical for me to wear for all occasions - but since i love dresses and want to wear them all the time, i found that a long sleeve tee makes them much more versatile (and actually practical for the winter months!)

here are some options to wear this one. first up, an inspiration straight from the fitting room mannequin:


i liked the back porch blouse when i saw it online. it was ivory and had lace, so of course it was up my alley. i wasn't sure if i would wear it much just as a blouse, but as a bolero jacket over a dress? perfection.

for sizing reference on the top, i am wearing a size 4. i wanted it to fit like on the mannequin, and though the 4 still snaps shut, it hangs open just the right amount. i also tried on the 8 and the 6 and found the top to fit about one size bigger if you want to wear it as a blouse (as in, i would wear the 6 instead of the 8), but as a jacket, i was able to go down two sizes. again, i have narrow shoulders, so sometimes i can go down in sizes without it being too tight across my back.

the accessories i would add to complete the look are below:

now for a more casual look, inspired by what i was wearing in the fitting room:

the third look is back to dressed up, but with more color. i think the navy dress is almost a neutral, so pairing other colors with it works out just great!

the fourth option has the most amazing shoes. check out these seychelles! the perfect color! and isn't that bag so precious!?

the last option is another casual look. something i could easily wear on the weekends:

i can't wait to wear this one. such a delight!

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outfit of the day: 12.31.2010

hello! wanted to share my animal inspired ootd. i felt the final day of the year would be best spent by wearing something cozy:


here is the polyvore breakdown:

Sanctuary Natalie Faux Fur Vest
$68 -
Faux fur vests »

Wooded Hideaway Skirt
$148 -
Anthropologie skirts »

Crochet Tights
$18 -
Crochet stocking »

Martingale Boots
$120 -
Ankles boots »

wide waist belt in tan
$175 -
Leather belts »

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

anthropologie de chelly dress fitting review and styling options

hello there! just a quick review i had to share with you. though the print is still growing on me, the cut of this anthropologie de chelly dress is amazing enough to make me want it:

i love the sweetheart neckline. the colors seemed to work with my skin tone too. the print and belt are my only concerns. they might be a little too western for me to fully embrace, but i do think a different belt would make a world of difference. it fits true to size, i am wearing an 8 for your reference.

and now of course, some styling options for the dress.
option #1 is full of whimsy:

option #2 has the western spirit, with the good ol' looping lanes and some big hoop earrings:

De Chelly Dress
$168 -
Stripe dresses »

Fringed Flowers Chandeliers
$248 -

Anthropologie - Looping Lanes Belt
Belts »

option #3 is lady like glamour. i would just take off the dress' belt and wear with a classic trench (so cute right?!) and rhinestone bracelet:
De Chelly Dress
$168 -
Striped dresses »

Navy Ruffle Detail Mac
65 GBP -
Ruffled coats »

Needlepoint Platforms
$180 -
Wrap shoes »

option #4 was inspired by the nautical trend and pairs red, white, and blue with ease:
De Chelly Dress
$168 -
Sash dress »

Scarlet & Crimson Wedges
$80 -
Wedge shoes »

All Aboard Post Earring
$12 -
Post earrings »

NARS Nail Polish
$16 -

and lastly, option #5 is sweet and girly. again, i would switch up the belt to this ultra darling one from j.crew:

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