Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my current wish list...

Diamante Blouse
$188 -
Sheer blouse »

Clinton Trench
$188 -
Anthropologie coats »

Liberty Boots
$168 -
Low heel boots »

Stylist's Eye Dress -
$168 -

Fairytale Forest Scarf at Free People Clothing Boutique
$48 -

what are you wishing for this season?

until next time,

anthropologie half pass jacket

elevenses is knocking it out of the park this season.
between the garment district blazer, which i wore here and the boucle de souffle, which i am wearing here, i was already impressed. but now after trying the half pass jacket and i am officially in love. yay elevenses!

my local anthropologie had only a size 4 to try - based on the fit of the size 4 and that i took a size 6 in both the garment district and boucle de souffle, i assume i would be a 6 in this jacket. so, it fits true to size.
here is my try on!

i think it looks best zipped up. i like that despite the large ruffle on the front, it is still fitted and flattering.
i am trying it on with the maryam tank. (the tank was featured in this mannequin inspiration below at the store and based on that, i had to grab it to try on!)

back to the half pass jacket: it is a winner. i couldn't find any issues. i could see it working casual or over dresses for work.


and of course, i had to include a snapshot of the inside. so precious!

i even liked the whole outfit in the fitting room and would definitely wear these pieces together.

now the question. do i order online and pay for shipping or do i wait and hope that my store gets in a full size run? oh the dilemma.

until next time,

anthropologie au fait sweater

my first fitting room try-on is the au fair sweater by sparrow.

i was really curious about this one. there is something a little chanel about it, so i was interested to see how it would fit. below is the size small.

initial thoughts, it was actually pretty comfortable and i thought it was cute on. i really liked the back detailing too (see below).

overall, i like it - but i am not sure it is 100% my style. i do think it is classic enough to wear for many years. i'll definitely have to think about this one.

until next time,

outfits of the day: 09.29.10

so my work outfit today was a little boring...


Women's Mossimo® Black Veralis Ruffle Demi-Heel Suede Shoe - Grey

the shoes are new arrivals at target. i was really impressed by how comfortable they were all day. perfect for walking around the office or  on the weekend. then, because my outfit was a little bland, here is what i wore during my errands tonight:


i liked the printed blouse with the blazer. i must be into a mixing print phase, it seems that lately i'll mix any two prints! here is the polyvore breakdown:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

timex watch at j.crew

so, i really like the timex watches at j.crew, but i do not want to pay $150 to $200 for one.

what i love about these watches is the slightly retro appeal juxtapositioned with the modern strap. so, i had a brilliant idea! why not purchase one of the straps from j.crew and pair it with a less expensive timex face from somewhere else?

j.crew sells the straps ala carte here. they have solids and stripes, even some different fabrics. a few are even on sale from original price of $20 to $10! i picked out the neon orange and a lemony yellow, but might come back for the authentic red.

then, i popped over to my local target and picked up a couple timex watches they had. their selection ranged in price from $30 to $40. i made sure to get ones that had removable straps, with faces i liked. (i actually ended up liking the faces on the watches at target more than the ones available at j.crew. i think they look more vintage and less sporty - which is of course, right up my alley)

 it took me a few minutes to manipulate the straps and... voila!

what do you think of the final products? two watches (and cuter watches at that!) for less than the price of one!

and i actually found links to the two target timex watches i purchased here:
watch #1 (right one, with neon pink strap)
watch #2 (left one, with yellow strap)

i can't wait to wear them!

until next time,

outfit of the day: 09.28.2010

well, grasby gardens finally made its debut today. i love love love this dress.


i paired it with two skinny glitter belts from j.crew. i couldn't find them online - but they are in stores right now. the sparkle picked up on the sparkle in my heels. then, as i mentioned in an earlier post, i paired it with this older ae blazer. i love the floral embroidery on the blazer and think it works well with this dress.


and for the item by item breakdown:
Grasby Gardens Dress
$170 -
Ruffle sleeve dress »

Falke Tights
15 GBP -
Falke tights »