Friday, August 26, 2011

mini update: 8.22.2011

hello again! have you been having a good summer? mine has been filled with the outdoors. i have taken up going for long walk/runs in the evenings and even attended yoga with a great pal last night.

but don't worry, between work and my new found exercising passion, i have been lusting over new arrivals and deciding which ones needed to come join my closet asap and which ones can wait out a month or two.

here are three lovelies that made the cut. wouldnt they be cute together paired together with these shoes?

closet update: 8.22.2011

closet update: 8.22.2011 by prettycupcake

hopefully when my birthday rolls around, they will be in a pretty package addressed to me :)

if you couldn't tell from my last post, i love a good mary jane. classic, comfortable, and so perfect for any occasion. i do have some reviews that are long overdue along with some outfits while i was missing in action! hopefully more to come soon!

until next time,
Silk top
$98 -

J Crew lightweight pants
$118 -

vince camuto jasper mary janes


  1. Hey S-
    What size did you end up taking in the Felted Colorbar? We're usually size twins on top, and I can't decide in my current incubator state if the small will be too tight or not after incubation is over. The 25% is seriously tempting me on that adorable cardi! I LOVE the colors. Nice pick, as usual! I've missed seeing your OOTD's, but glad you're enjoying some heart-pumping exercise! Take care

  2. Hi Molly!! I actually went with a medium. The cardigan didn't look good in a shrunken way and I wanted it to button and fit more boyfriend style. Hope that helps!!

  3. Oh and for colors... I caved the last week and got the grey/yellow. I'll post about it soon... but let me just tell you it looks amazing with the maeve butterfly print dress.