Sunday, January 22, 2012


well, here i go again. moving. you know, that thing i have been doing every year since i was in college.

snow and graham change of address note

last week i got a notice under my door that my lease out in the suburbs was up (well, in march).
i thought about re-signing, then thought better of it. i am over the 30 minute commute. and i'm excited to get back to the action.

i quickly went on craigslist, visited some spots, and signed myself to a new home.

it's different for me this time, no little luxuries - but for all the right reasons. it's funny how what once was important becomes secondary. of course this happens throughout life, but funny to experience it firsthand with apartment hunting. :)

my new apartment:

close to my pals. here's to late night coffees and saturday brunch. all within walking distance.
short commute to work
shorter commute to the weekend
wood floors
vintage charm (clawfoot tub!)
6 closets. in an old place like this, that put me over the edge.
the perfect place to host a party.

basement coin laundry (a good workout)
outdoor parking (but it's my very own parking spot)
no air conditioning (window unit will be just fine)
no dishwasher (rarely cook anyway. we're talking soup on the stove.)

unfortunately, no photos to share until march 1st. until then, i am brainstorming all sorts of fun layouts with my furniture. always such a fun challenge for me.

hope all is well.

until next time,


  1. And all the work you did with the decorating...I guess it`s fun that you get to start again!

    I think moving is a good thing- I have been in the same apartment now for far too long. We stopped caring and making improvements years ago, and somehow being in the same place it`s hard to mark the passage of time in a productive way!

    The new place sounds wonderful- can`t wait to hear your plans for it!

  2. haha...i know! decorating is a labor of love, it wasn't until this past month i finally started to feel settled in. oh well. i guess it keeps the decorating itch at bay. :) there is something comforting about feeling like a place is "home." i am looking forward to that.

  3. Hi S!

    Sad to hear that you have to move again and I hope your move goes smoothly. Its great though that you get to decorate all over again :) ps. the 6 closets sounds fantastic (maybe you can set up a closet just for shoes only!)

  4. What? You just moved :( And your place was all decorated up! But yay to 6 closets and a claw foot tub! I have always had a soft spot for claw foot tubs, but I never actually even sat in one hehe.

  5. Congratulations. I think it will be nice to be closer to friends and be able to walk everywhere. I can't wait to see what you do with the new place!

  6. sammie - i had the same thought! :)

    jess - me either! i am excited and nervous to try it out!

    lisa - me too! :) it will be another fun project to share with everyone.