Friday, June 8, 2012

weekly round-up

hello! how was the week?

just popping in to share my latest finds.

last thursday i was with a gal at happy hour who had the perfect color of orangey red lipstick. i asked her what it was: MAC "good to go." so i proptly headed over to nordstrom to pick it up.

while there, i happened upon these current/elliott jeans with the faintest polka dots. love! on sale too! (wore them with leopard shoes and a lace top. a snapshot here.)

this gorgeous pink anthropologie necklace caught my eye. such a perfect statement over a simple summer dress. (see me wearing with the watermelon ice dress here.)

lastly, i purposely missed out on that lovely pink lauren moffatt arrow coat (anthro name was the eastward dress coat). i have too many coats and i was suspect of the snap closures as so many at my local store had broken.

imagine my delight when a few months ago i saw this post. you-mean-to-tell-me-the-coat-i-love-is-now-in-a-dress?! amazing! i did not, however, love the price. i sort of chalked it up to a never will own. until last weekend.

i was busy browsing and wham. modcloth had (maybe a popback?) one left on sale and it was a size 8. eeek! i ordered immediately. it arrives on monday! hope it fits!  <fingers crossed!!!>

weekend round-up: 06.04.2012

Lauren Moffatt sheer dress
$192 -

Current/Elliott cropped skinny jeans
£190 -

Current/Elliott stretch jeans
$100 -

Sparkle jewelry
$98 -

have a happy weekend!
until next time,


  1. hey, that's a pretty excellent week! well done! I didn't know there was a dress version of the coat- cute! And those jeans are awesome.

    I had a good little thrift find this week- found a stack of designer jeans at the Salvation Army (Acne, 7, Earnest Sewn...) and like goldilocks one pair of Citizens for Humanity fit perfectly!

  2. oh gosh! amazing!! what a good score!

    i am terrible at thrifting. i wish i was better. my sister must have gotten all the good thrifting genes - she finds great things all the time.

    i do think being in a big city makes it harder. all the good finds are almost immediately in fun little re-sale vintage shops. :) i do enjoy popping into those... but not quite the thrill of the hunt.