Sunday, November 4, 2012

weekly update: 11.04.2012

snapped this shot while on a saturday afternoon errand run.

i scored the beloved spotted satchel just last week on sale at anthropologie. at the time, i opted for the clutch - but always had a spot in my heart for the satchel. the price was just too high to justify owning both (even when it went on sale). so when i saw it for $59.95 + the extra 25% off, it was just the right price. winning!

and i am on a roll this week:

last night at anthropologie, i spotted a scalloped stripes dress (now sold out) in the brown/peach combo. this one was never in stores, and i wasn't motivated to place an online order since i wasn't sure if i would like the color combo. loved it in person! i can see myself wearing it all fall and winter.

and then this morning, the circle eyelet dress popped back up on j.crew's site. sale + extra 25% off = amazing score. i had been wishing for that one to pop back up in my size.


here is my outfit breakdown:

erranding. by prettycupcake
tee, cords, coat - target (coat is on sale this week!)
purse - anthropologie
driving mocs - prada, similar shown above

and in case you are wondering, i did end up cleaning out most of my closet over the past couple weeks (i am going back through now and being even more ruthless). just need to snap the "after" pictures to share with you!

until next time,

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  1. Ok, LOVE the satchel!

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