Tuesday, September 20, 2011

anthropologie tangerine flicker dress fitting review

hello! i have so much catching up to do with all of you. i have tried on so many things at anthropologie (and j.crew) and need to share them pronto.

including sharing a photo of me in this gorgeous tracy reese dress otherwise known as the tangerine flicker dress, available at anthropologie.


thanksgiving dress anyone? contrary to some of the online reviews, i thought it fit true to size and worked perfectly on me. i went with an 8. the 6 zipped, but felt a little tight over my chest - so 8 it is!

i was surprised with how well the orange worked on my fair skin. the slip completely covered bra straps and the back was high enough to also cover the back of my bra. amazing!

i'm holding out just a bit longer, but if the mompos dress was any indication, this one isn't going to sale anytime soon.

in the meantime, if you are looking for another color combo, i went searching on tracy reese's website (nordstrom also had it, but only in an 8).

what do you think? i like the contrasting colors, but i think the orange is more up my alley. and unfortunately, this black and ecru version will set you back $525. eesh. here's hoping for a sale.

until next time,


  1. The orange is definitely very festive, but I prefer the black and white...and a lower price tag :)

  2. I prefer the Orange. Thankfully, the price is lower, but still expensive. I tried on 2 size 6 dresses. One didn't zip, the other did. Both dresses were the last 2 in the store in any size. I walked with it. Plan to wear it for the Holidays and many years to come. Can't wait to see the photos.I snipped the 4 threads that tack the slip to the bodice. The fit was perfection.

  3. I'm not a big orange fan actually but this has caught my too :) I love the cut and the nice detailing. I saw the black version also on 'revolvewlothing'. That one seems nice too :)


  4. sweet laundry - haha. i prefer a lower price too! :) glad to see you're back to posting!

    laura - i agree on the orange. maybe it is the blonde hair we both have. i do think that the dress is timeless. the dress reminds me of the icicle's melting dress from leifsdottir. i still love that dress and it has a similar silhouette.

    dee - i love those classic 50s shapes. they always seem to work so well on my hourglass. :)

  5. Hi S! I've been desperately searching for Anthro's Tangerine flicker Dress and I stumbled upon your site. Would you be willing to sell your dress??? I'm desperate to find one!