Tuesday, September 13, 2011

missoni (for target) madness

hello there! as i am sure many of you are aware, the missoni for target hit this morning. below are my picks and corresponding sizes (in case you are trying to order online.)

the pastel group is my favorite:

missoni pastel picks


  • sweater - went with a medium. fits true to size for missy/moss black fit.
  • zip up hoodie - went with xl. fits true to size for girl's.
  • flats - fit a 5. fits true to size for kid's shoes.

for secondary picks, i liked the more purple colorways:

missoni purple picks

missoni purple picks by prettycupcake on Polyvore.com

  • floral peacoat - went with an XL. fits true to size for girl's.
  • floral trench - went with a medium. fits true to size for missy/moss black fit.
  • bathrobe/kimono top/bed jacket - ordered a medium. fits true to size/a little blousey for missy/moss black fit.
  • purple coat - fits true to size for missy/moss black fit. (i fit a medium.)
  • heels - went with a 6.5 (true to size).
happy hunting!


until next time,


  1. The poor Target website hasn't been able to handle Missoni traffic for most the day, lol. Love the purple coat- my local didn't have that one and I'm sort of doubting we'll get it. They tend to understock coats here since well, it's Florida ;) The purple floral print is beautiful though, I picked up the blouse in it.

  2. Hi Jamie! I think the purple coat is online only...

  3. I got through to targets website only to find the scarf I wanted was sold out :( Sad Christmas.... but on a brighter note.... those are some really nice sets you have posted!

  4. Nice scores! I got several dresses but I missed out on that first sweater you posted and I'm so bummed. I didn't have time to try the shoes, are they comfortable?

  5. I thought so... for me they ran true to size. Now I am figuring out which pieces I really will wear and which should go back.

  6. I may have been caught up in the rush because I definitely overspent. I am also evaluating what I purchased to see what I really want. I did actually return a dress yesterday afternoon and the woman in line behind me asked to purchase it. Madness!

  7. If you decide to part with either of the sweaters in the first pic let me know!

  8. Of course! I was at a tgt earlier and spotted boots and heels... it seemed like there are stores still out there with missoni!