Tuesday, July 5, 2011

back to (school)

i secretly love the "back to school" time of year. i think it stems from my love of paper shops, letterpress, and the like. and though i am no longer in school, i still love getting a fresh set of notebooks and pencils for my desk at work and home.

some of my favorites are from the brand greenroom eco. they are made from recycled materials (!) and have great modern/girly prints. usually i can find them at target in the supplies section. (unfortunately, they are not sold online, but you can search "greenroom" on their website and see a wide selection.)


so naturally i was excited on my last trip to target to find a whole display in the back to school section:
picture courtesy of http://www.greenroomeco.com/

eeeek! amazing! the pairs of animals are adorable. i also love the typography. the prints are on pencils, pencil boxes, composition notebooks, folders, the whole lot. love. love. love. how cute for a child, but perfect for an adult too? totally enough sophistication. yay back to school!

i loved the whimsical prints so much, i decided to take on a bit of a craft project with them too! (don't worry. anyone can do this type of craft.) i thought they would be perfect as art in my new studio bedroom space. i took the notebooks to my local copy store and i made some enlarged color copies.

then i took basic frames and inserted the prints as "art." ta-da! couldn't be easier.
happy shopping!

until next time,


  1. I've always loved school supplies and get excited every time I walk into an office supply store.

  2. I am the same way with school supplies...it might be part of the reason why I became a teacher :) Love these notebooks...may have to pick some of these up next time I'm in Target!

  3. Was all over the pencil boxes tonight when I stopped in to Target! Thanks for the tip! Am wondering about buying some extras and using them to wrap jewelry in as gifties! Thoughts?


  4. mollyb - awwww! i love that idea! i had thought they would be cute for all sorts of things, but i didn't think of jewelry! so cute! :) miss you!