Monday, July 11, 2011

anthropologie collecting dots dress fitting review and styling options

let's talk about how i was in the fitting rooms at anthropologie for over an hour trying on the collecting dots dress to see how i could make it work. luckily for you, i had my camera phone to share all the photos :)

first things first: sizing. luckily for me, i could make the x-small work. this is two sizes smaller than the size for the essential sumer shift. so my advice? size down.

while i was in the fitting room, i also saw some ladies try on the dress without sizing down. it did not look bad... it was just blousey/breezy (as in the catalog shot). i preferred the fit of the xs. (small gave me a pooch, even when belted. but i realize some smaller bodies will probably look just fine in the breezier fit.)

so i started by adding a slip and the woven junctions belt:

then i took the slip off and started playing around with accessories, like using the belt from the mompos dress:

and then, it got wild. well, wild for me. i added a belt (the offhand belt in blue, small) and a blazer (the lolling blazer in a size 6).


loved it.  (oh and it also looked cute with the blue beribboned belt and just the offhand belt, without blazer).

until next time,


  1. These are great styling ideas. I really loved the dress with the blazer at the end. The polka dots are too cute!

  2. Adorable dress. I especially love the last look with the blazer!

  3. I just bought this dress and wanted to see how it looked on some other girls. I got the xs and it's a bit big in the right boob area, but doesn't look totally bad. it looks a bit funny when I belt the dress so I'm wondering what you think if I don't belt the dress. Totally hideous?

  4. no! i dont think you need to belt it. did you try it with the smallest skinny belt they show in the catalog?

  5. I tried it with a skinny belt at home, just like the catalogue, but it didn't look good. So then I tried it with another belt that I have and it looks good and also secures the material in the right boob area so it's not all flappy and big. So I'm going to belt it. And when it gets cool enough I will wear this dress with a blazer, because I totally love how that looks on you!! Thanks!

  6. ok!! so this is the first positive feedback of the dress i have found and i really love your styling.

  7. thanks! i think my favorite is with just the blue belt or the blue belt and blazer. :)

  8. I love how you styled it with the dark blazer. I have one just like I just need the dress ;)

  9. haha. at least it's on sale now! :)