Tuesday, August 31, 2010

anthropologie southward stop shirtdress

i recently acquired the southward stop shirtdress from anthropologie. did i need another shirtdress? no. but the cut is so lovely and i decided the dresses i wear the most are comfortable,  fit well, and  have sleeves. check, check, and check. i also think it looks great with a skinny belt:

i thought i would share some fun styling options for even more versatility:

this first look is geared to be a little more girly for fall. the belt featured is what i am wearing in the fitting room:
Southward Stop Shirtdress
$128 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie »

Marjorie Heels
$148 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie shoes »

Mined Leaf Earrings
$38 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie jewelry »

Ring Of Plumes Belt - Anthropologie.com
$38 - anthropologie.com

up next is how i would wear the dress for a casual day in fall. i have these boots and can't seem to wear them enough. in my opinion, they work with anything:

Lady's Choice Cardigan
$88 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie tops »

Southward Stop Shirtdress
$128 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie »

Safekeeping Necklace
$198 - anthropologie.com
Tiger jewelry »

Hi-Lo-Hi Belt
$24 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie »

lastly, here is how i would dress it up. the blue in the jacket will pull out the brilliant turquoise in the print. i tried this jacket on last night and LOVED it. it fit like a dream and the peacock feather was amazing in person:

hope this gives you some ideas on how to wear this dress!
until next time,

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