Thursday, August 26, 2010

it's almost autumn!

it's almost autumn which means my fall wish list has been growing exponentially.

here are some of my current (and unaffordable) cravings:

anthropologie grasby gardens dress (by james coviello)

loved this. tried on a 6, which fit quite nicely. fabric was amazing. overall quality impeccable. wishlisted.

anthropologie diamante blouse (by leifsdottir)
wearing a size 4, liked it untucked, liked it more tucked in. i could see this working great with suits for work. wishlisted.

did i mention i have a penchant for all things anthropologie (especially items totally unaffordable)? it's probably best we get that fact out of the way early. until i can aquire all my new loves (i.e. sale time), i will be enjoying the last moments of summer and drinking pink lemonade using these fabulous hobnail tumblers, also from anthropologie. i highly recommend.

until next time,

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