Wednesday, September 5, 2012

apartment update

ohmygosh. i realized in looking back through photos that i had never shared my new apartment with you! criminal! 
to start, let's say goodbye to my short time in the 'burbs with some snapshots i took while packing the place up.

goodbye nice new microwave, dishwasher, and oven. goodbye tan carpet. goodbye lack of windows. goodbye washer/dryer.

and hellllloooo light. and pretty hardwoods. let's start with the "before" taken right after i signed the lease. it is a little hard from these photos to get a sense of the place, but it is a corner unit, filled with windows. 14 to be exact.

the first blue room is the dining room. through the dining room you can look into the living room (it is tan in the below photos)


then living room, looking back through to the dining room and you can see the kitchen. i love all the curved arches and high 9' ceilings. (unfortunately, i did sacrifice an indoor parking spot, dishwasher, laundry, and microwave... such is life)

hallway of closets and doors (view from bedroom)

then looking into the bedroom:

lastly, vintage bathroom with clawfoot tub. and the entryway was dark, dark brown. sort of like entering a cave.

it is a little hard to understand the total layout with these pictures. i should have taken a video.

here is my rough floorplan, sort of to scale, compliments of excel:

basically, you can run circles around with all the in the hallways. oh and if you hadn't noticed, i now have 5 big closets.

i asked is that my landlords gave the entire place a couple coats of white (all the mis-matching colors were driving me bonkers). they obliged. the space then felt so clean and fresh.


so, it was time to move in!

until next time,


  1. I love your new apt: 5 big closes, lots of windows and light, hardwood floor. .. Sounds so wonderful! Please have more outfit pictures please. I love the way you mix your clothes.

  2. thanks so much! more will be on the way :)