Saturday, September 15, 2012

hey, hey, hey anthro day!

oh goodness. 20% off at anthropologie?! yes, please!

and lucky for me, i received a couple anthropologie gift cards for my birthday - perfect timing to use!
here's what came home with me:
1. ribbed asymmetric cowlneck by sleeping on snow. style #25477514

not super exciting, but it will be an easy layering piece all fall and winter. took a medium. runs true to size.

2. curved stripes cardigan. by rosie neira. style #25566951

really excited about this one. i liked the version from last year, called the cavendish sweater (photo below) but the colors weren't right for me. this year's blue/purple version is perfect. looks great belted (photo above) or left open. wearing a medium. runs true to size.

3. up and away mini dress by leifnotes. style #25031691

took a medium in this one. runs true to size. this photo doesn't do it justice. the faux-wrap styling is flattering and the print was charming.

4. single file belt style #24831927

been loving this one for awhile, looks especially good with the tile burst maxi dress from the summer - but also liked it above with the cardigan and skirt.

5. purple pencil skirt by girls from savoy. shown in photos above with the curved striped cardigan. this skirt had the same ribbon styling details as the fluted ponte dress from last year.

did anyone else partake in the 20% off?

until next time,

p.s. is anyone else as bummed about the lack of mannequins on the anthro website as i am? i am not a fan of the models. hard for me to get a good look at the actual product and the outfits are sort of weird. i liked it better when each item was pictured alone. it also makes using polyvore much harder.  :-/


  1. AND that cowlneck looks so much better on you than on the model! I miss the mannequins too :(

    I love big wide belts- it does indeed look great with the print maxi!

    I took a chance on the bubbled bands dress- I hate ordering online...but I have a store opening soon!

  2. ooh! that does look cute online - i'll keep my fingers crossed for you! and hooray for a store opening close by! nothing is quite the same as shopping in-store. :)

  3. Nice haul! I love the up and away dress.