Friday, December 24, 2010

alice in autumn sweatercoat styling options

hello! the lovely lisa from sweet laundry asked me to style her red alice in autumn sweatercoat. she kicked things off with the lucillae dress in her post here. i love love love this option for her! so festive!

i think the sweater coat is a perfect piece for the fall and winter and had fun styling it for a variety of occasions. as always, if you ever need a piece styled, e-mail me at

ready, set, alice in autumn coat let's go!

option # is perfect for work or a casual holiday party:
Primula Corset Top
$78 -
Corsets tops »

Canter Trousers -
$88 -
Pants »

Bottle Green Chandeliers
$80 -

Flourishing Flats
$80 -
Flat shoes »

option #2 uses a dress lisa already owns. i think grey and red would work together quite well:

option #3 takes it more casual again. i have both the corduroys and this top and would highly recommend. if you wanted to wear heels instead, i think this one could also work with these golden yellow heels from seychelles.

option #4 shows how it can work with a printed dress. i picked this one because of the red posies, but really any print would work. tons of cute options are available from modcloth.

what's black and white and red all over? option #5, with some inspiration from paris! (i couldn't resist)

option #6 is all about layers, with skinny jeans, a tunic top, necklaces, and then the sweatercoat:

last, but certainly not least, is lucky number 7. i think the deuxhill cowlneck is perfect with alice in autumn:

Deuxhill Cowlneck
$88 -
Silk tops »

Field Skirt
$78 -
Anthropologie skirts »

Fly Stud Earrings
$18 -
Stud earrings »

Studded patch double thin waist belt Grey
23 GBP -
Gray belt »

Faubourg Mary Janes -

so fun! i hope this gives you some inspiration! merry christmas!

until next time,


  1. YAY! You have the best polyvore sets. Thanks so much for doing this for me. I immediately smiled when I saw option #1 because I have a soft spot for that Primula Corset, and I would never have thought to pair it with the Alice in Autumn sweater. I also like how you included that lace dress that I own. I haven't worn it much lately, but I should take your ideas and wear it soon. Lastly, love those Floral Owl Earrings and I die for that Paris inspired outfit. Now I want to wear that sweater all the time!


  2. These are great! I have that sweatercoat and love several of these ideas.