Tuesday, December 7, 2010

anthropologie wooded hideaway skirt fitting review and styling options

hello there! i have been having the hardest time with loading pictures, internet connections, you name it! i am so excited to get back up and running (i have been trying to post this for literally days!)

as soon as i saw it online, i knew it had to make its way home to me. the wooded hideaway skirt from corey lynn calter. love! in fact, it showcases one of my two current obsessions:

Sanctuary Natalie Faux Fur Vest
$136 - piperlime.gap.com
Faux fur vest »

Wooded Hideaway Skirt
$148 - anthropologie.com
A line skirts »

Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots
$130 - piperlime.gap.com
Sorel boots »

Super Sly Bracelet
$84 - modcloth.com
Vintage jewelry »

Shrewd Stitches Stole
$238 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie scarves »

Sanctuary Natalie Faux Fur Jacket
$152 - piperlime.gap.com

Sly Fox Doorknocker
$24 - anthropologie.com

so i had to try it on! here it is paired with the redux jacket. i am wearing the size medium in the skirt below:

now the medium in the skirt was a little big in the waist (elastic), so i tried on the small:

now the small fit better in the waist, but was a good 1-2 inches shorter than the medium. i couldn't believe it! i held the two up against each other when i took it off and it truly is shorter. i went back over where the skirts were out and checked. all of the smalls and mediums had this same discrepancy. i have never seen such a variance in length based on going between sizes. definitely something to be aware of!

in the photo above i have on the foolproof half slip underneath. i was hoping it would add some length and make it more "work appropriate." though it looked cute shorter, i decided to go with the medium:

i felt more comfortable with the length, knowing i could wear it for more occasions. i can't wait to wear it with either of the ann taylor loft blazers i picked up a few weeks ago. of course until then, i have to share some some styling options for the skirt with you:

because the skirt has a black band, i think it works well with black:
Bianka Blouse
$68 - anthropologie.com
Pullover tops »

Wooded Hideaway Skirt
$148 - anthropologie.com
Wood skirt »

Falke hosiery BLACK
15 GBP - matchesfashion.com
Falke »

Santi CPB4864
$134 - lorisshoes.com
Santi clutches »

but i also think you could pair it in a more demure fashion:

it could also be worn with heels and a cozy sweater for a casual holiday party:
Set Free Cardigan
$128 - anthropologie.com
Cardigans »

Wooded Hideaway Skirt
$148 - anthropologie.com
A line skirts »

Philomene Tank
$28 - anthropologie.com

Speckled Sweater Tights
$20 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie tights »

lastly, a wear to work option:
Wooded Hideaway Skirt
$148 - anthropologie.com
A line skirts »

Lace Race Cami
$58 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie »

Hallowed Halls Oxfords
$128 - anthropologie.com
Tweed shoes »

Hallowed Halls Oxfords
$128 - anthropologie.com
Tweed shoes »

Megalopolis Bag
$140 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie tote bags »

until next time,

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