Thursday, December 23, 2010

anthropologie samhain styling options (part 2)

hello! i am back with more styling options for my roommate. this time, i am using eva franco's samahin dress, reviewed by me here. i think this dress is perfect for a new year's party or a winter wedding. i love it!

first up, i love this dress when paired with these seychelle's heels. i also went a bit playful with the headband and foxy coin purse:

i also think she could wear a fun playful necklace, boyfriend cardi, and these heels:
Samhain Dress
$258 -
Strapless dresses »

Ring in the New Year Heel
$90 -
Gold heels »

To-The-Nines Cosmetic Bag, Gold
$38 -

now, i have shown the dress with golds and blacks, but thought it could also work well with navy. i also think this headband is outrageously adorable:

using the same logic, the last option pairs burgundy with the dress:
Samhain Dress
$258 -
Bodice dresses »

Lenore Blazer
$100 -
Velvet blazers »

Carrara Earrings
$28 -
Earrings »

hopefully one of these will work for her, and that i also gave you some options if you are on the fence for purchasing!

until next time,

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