Wednesday, December 15, 2010

outfit of the day: 12/10/2010 and shrewd stiches stole fitting review

hello there! i wanted to share an outfit from a few days ago. i loved this dress and have to tell you, it was an absolute steal. rebecca taylor. originally $395. i got it for $39.50! amazing!

i love the detailing and sweetheart neckline, so instead of putting a cardigan over it, i layered a long sleeve tee underneath. i really liked how it turned out.

and now, for the fabulous shrewd stiches stole. i love this. i know its over the top and that is why i think i love it so much! first, on the mannequin:

and then on me!


it's been so hard to wait this one out... but i must stay strong until sale.

until next time,

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