Monday, October 17, 2011

closet dreams

oh you know... the dream closet.

one with everything in its place. yeah. i am still dreaming. elfa seems to make the dream a little more achievable.

1. they now offer apartment friendly organization with their freestanding wall solutions. perfect for an apartment dweller like me, who also happens to move annually. i need something sturdy and practical, but one that can also morph into new and changing spaces. i always thought i could never use elfa since it is wall-installed. wall-installed no longer!

2. there is an online design center where you can play around and build your own. even if you don't end up using elfa, you can get great inspiration for closet layouts like these:

my current walk-in closet is unfortunate in layout (each side wall has one long bar for hanging, smack in the middle of the wall). these above layouts are perfect for the type of storage i actually need - enough for all my dresses and then one for tops/skirts/blazers. i don't have much folded clothing and what i do have could easily stack on top. (it goes without saying, i could also have a major closet purge session and not need to worry about storage, but let's face it. i love getting dressed in different outfits every day.... so it's never going to happen.)

whether or not i save up for the real elfa or just use it as inspiration is also another matter, but i am definitely excited about the possibilities and had to share with you.

now if only i could get a cute guy to install. ;)

until next time,

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