Saturday, October 8, 2011

outfit of the day: 09.24.2011

another favorite outfit to share. it all begins with this fabulous printed star dress by alice ritter. here is a close up of the print from a blouse photo i found:

you know by now, i love prints... and i really loved this one. i found the dress at t.j.maxx with a tag that looked like it was from urban outfitters. i haven't been able to find out much about the dress as it is from a prior season. anyway, the whole thing was very strange, but i digress. i found the dress. tried it on. loved it... but just wasn't 100% sure. t.j.maxx requires quick decisions and i don't always like that. so i put the dress back and didn't purchase. a week later i was still thinking about it - so i went back, but of course, no dress.

fast forward three weeks. shopping again at the maxx, the dress re-appeared and this time i didn't hesitate.

something about that big bow puts a big smile on my face. to make it work appropriate, i added a blazer:



outfit credits: alice ritter dress, anthropologie boots, j.crew blazer, j.crew bracelets.

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