Tuesday, October 18, 2011

anthropologie hallowell cowlneck fitting review

hello! i loved this sweater (the hallowell cowlneck from sparrow) as soon as i put it on, so cozy yet such a new and different shape. i am wearing a medium and i felt it ran true to size. it was one of the strangest items to try to photograph, so i am including tons of pictures. i did like it more in person than in these pictures. it's hard with one arm constantly up with camera to get the true drapey-ness of the garment.



oh and i liked it better in the tan than the navy or dark green. the details and drape seemed to be much more apparent in the lighter color.

until next time,


  1. I agree- it's hard to get used to, but the layers of soft fluffy draping look cozy AND stylish- I bet this would look great with a bright fitted pencil skirt (a la J Crew...)

  2. totally agree! i tried it with jeans it didnt work as well as i had hoped. it was because it is a bit short and also fitted at the waist, instead of straight/square. over a dress or with a pencil skirt would be perfect.