Tuesday, November 9, 2010

outfit of the day: 11.06.2010

hello there! i am back after a whirlwind of a weekend that culminated with a re-organization of my entire closet and room. (photos to come shortly?!) and now, of course, i have a backlog of topics to share with you!

to begin, my ootd from this past saturday. as you probably guessed, i just had to break out my j.crew sequin bloomers, asap! since i didn't purchase the blazer at j.crew that looked so cute, i had to make due with the elbow patch blazer from anthropologie fall 2009.

how do you think it turned out!?
36 White TShirt
55 GBP - coggles.com
White tops »

Hue Opaque Tights
$13 - lorisshoes.com
Opaque hosiery »

Aura Headband
$32 - anthropologie.com
Anthropologie hair accessories »

j.crew sequin bloomers

until next time,

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