Tuesday, November 9, 2010

great north booties (ellison by miss l fire) fitting review

i finally took the plunge and ordered the great north woods booties by miss l fire from anthropologie. i remember first spotting them on the website in late august, then they sold out, then reappearing in late september, selling out, then reappearing one more time (me finally ordering!) and now they are sold out again! it looks like even miss l fire herself had a hard time trying to keep them in stock. they arrived late last week and i wanted to share with you! (and i apologize ahead of time for the poor quality in lighting, photos, and mirror. i am working to get this resolved. the lack of light in my apartment, combined with the ever waining light at night is cramping my style!)


i actually like them better with the cuffs rolled up along the ankle. they look a little more charming.

i am typically a 36-37 in her shoes. the scarlet and crimson wedges i wear are a 37, but the eyelet platforms i are a 36. for these booties, i ordered in a 36. my toe was right at the tip; they just were not as comfortable as i wanted them to be. and unfortunately - the 37s were sold out! what's a girl to do!?
luckily, i spotted the same style bootie at modcloth (for about $20 less!) as the warm reception boot. they had one pair left in a 37 - so i snagged it today. i will post a fitting review as soon as the shoes arrive and of course fill you in on sizing and how the grey compares to the chesnut (personally, i think the grey might be better!)

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