Sunday, November 21, 2010

winter berry

i love getting in the holiday spirit with deliciously scented candles. i would not classify myself as a candle person (or fragrance really) but i do love a candle every now and then. now of course i love all the different offerings at anthropologie, but sometimes they get a little pricey! so i was thrilled when i happened upon this one while browsing at target: winter berry candle.

first, it smells just amazing. such a light but holiday fragrance. i have been burning it all afternoon and it almost smells like i have been stewing over a pot of cider. next, i loved the darling packaging. simple, but still pretty. third, at $9.99, it is about half the price as most candles of the same size, and lastly, the brand is illume! well, technically it's "bella by illume" which to me, means same factory, less expensive candle. happy holidays!

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