Sunday, June 12, 2011

anthropologie bosky lace skirt styling options

greetings from the coffee shop! hope you had a lovely weekend, as now it is sadly winding down.

i have been busy, busy between work ramping up and my new place, i have't had a moment to spare! things are coming along in the apartment and i can't wait to share pictures with you. on friday night, i took a little trip to ikea and yesterday, i finished hanging an art wall in the entry way and creating a little entry way organization. before i share some snapshots, i wanted to let you know about the new addition to my closet.

i tried to avoid the bosky lace skirt by beth bowley, but it kept calling out to me. i went a full two weeks before trying on. then it was only a matter of days before it made it home... so what sold me? honestly, i loved it, but was unsure of what to wear with it. only after pairing with the loosened shelby blouse in the blue colorway was it a done deal:
loosened shelby blouse, option #6

loosened shelby blouse, option #6 by prettycupcake

what do you think? i just love it. the bright colors are so fun for the summer season.

i went with my true size. i could go a size down, but i actually liked this one worn a bit lower than my natural waist. because of the pleating in the front, wearing it higher gave me a little more pouf than i needed in my middle.

here's how i plan to make it work appropriate for tomorrow's debut:
outfit of the day: 06.13.2011

how else could you wear it? i thought it might look cute with my find from old navy:

bosky lace skirt, option #1

Old Navy long sleeve top
$9.99 -

Lace skirt
$118 -

J Crew slimmer belt
$33 -

Marais two tone flat

or maybe taking it more casual with this adorable tee from j.crew:

anthropologie bosky lace skirt, option #2

anthropologie bosky lace skirt, option #2 by prettycupcake

J Crew short sleeve top
$33 -

Lace skirt
$118 -

Nine west shoes
$89 -

lastly, it could easily glam up with a blouse and fancy earrings:
anthropologie bosky lace skirt, option #3

anthropologie bosky lace skirt, option #3 by prettycupcake

J Crew cami tank top
$88 -

Lace skirt
$118 -

$28 -

ooh. i can't wait to wear!  did you fall in love with any pretties over the weekend or pick up any sale finds with the extra 25%?

until next time,


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of your place!
    I finally picked up the back porch blouse, apothecary skirt, verdant slip dress, and shelby blouse! I LOVE the shelby blouse :)

  2. oh such good picks sammie!! i wanted to share apt. photos today but i forgot my phone to computer cord! hopefully i can post them soon!

  3. Just found your blog - Love all the outfit ideas!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies