Saturday, June 25, 2011

it's up!

finally. that's the only thing i could think when i walked into my apartment on monday night and saw that the chandelier was hung over the daybed (in the traditional dining room) by the maintenance man. then of course it only took a moment before i started enjoying how pretty it looked above the daybed.

that doesn't really show you anything, does it?  how about a wider shot? with daybed?

here is one more of the daybed (prior to the chandelier being hung...) and my little lavender cabinet next to the daybed.

it's finally all starting to come together.

last weekend i purchased a couple more pillows from west elm for my daybed. i wanted to add in a hint of modern to take the daybed away from the more traditional cottage feel.  (oh yeah, and i couldn't resist the little ceramic owl. i'll show you where he ended up another time.)
west elm delights

 i know, i know. it still is very cottagey. but.. trust me. they totally helped. :) and the hint of yellow ties into the other side of the room.

just a smaller scope snapshot for now. i still need to hang one more window above the couch. maybe i can do that tonight and take a full shot to share later this week?

what do you think so far? it's definitely moving in a feminine, but eclectic direction.

until next time,


  1. Super feminine but oh so cozy looking! It looks fantastic to me, and I love your rug :)

  2. I love the adorable chandelier! Everything looks great and I agree that the rug is a nice touch! :)

  3. Beautiful!! I just want to curl up and read here!

  4. Everything is coming together so well! I love your giant white ottoman.

  5. thanks so much jess! i am loving the rug too. it is the perfect thickness when on top of the carpeting!

    sammie - thank you!

    aww, you are welcome anytime green dress!

    fallon - thank you! :) an old pottery barn purchase. it has had many lives by now. hehe.