Monday, June 13, 2011

sneak peak: entry way

hello! oooh i am so excited to share my first real sneak peak of my apartment with you! what better way to start than the entryway? ready?!
...come on in!

yep! this is my view right as i swing open my apartment. enchanting i hope! i had an art wall way back when in my studio apartment (year 2009-2010) and i was ready to ressurect the concept in the entry hall. prints are a mix of etsy, vintage, reproduction. same for the frames. opposite the entry wall is a bathroom and a closet door. i'll share those during a full tour later.
here's is a view from the other direction (like if you were leaving...)

my vintage organizer/mail holder is in the nook right next to the door. perfect for keys, mail, etc.

and what is under the art wall? well you know i love a good organization center! because the closet is across the way, i don't need to store umbrellas or coats, but i did want a plce to set mail, extra flip-flops, and sunglasses, so i used an older smaller bookcase. it still needs a coat of white paint, but it hints at my inspiration in functionality, for sure.

(i forgot to move my slippers! whoops!)

up next? finishing the rest of the living room and eventually you'll get the whole tour.  :)

until next time,


  1. totally lovin' the vintage-y vibe. Those frames are darling :). Can't wait to see more! I am going to do a home decor part 2 post soon, I was lucky enough to snag the tuxedo duvet from anthro!

  2. Love it! I've been meaning to put together an art collection like this for awhile and this is perfect inspiration :) Can't wait to see the rest of your place!

  3. really like it! can't wait to see more

  4. Your apartment needs to be featured in a home decor magazine. You have great interior design taste!

  5. sammie - thanks so much! oooh. i loved that. i should have grabbed the white with grey when i had the chance...

    melissa - thank you! it's always fun to mix up the art. good luck with yours!!

    audrey - thank you!

    lisa - thanks so much! i have some more photos coming tomorrow!