Thursday, June 2, 2011

well, hello again.

this is only a quickie note to say hi! i am here! (well, sort of. still no internet at my new place. i think i will wait until mid june? not sure yet.)
pottery barn cubby organizers in weathered white (old apartment, fall 2010)

i have been busy with my move, which is finally complete. no more double-living! things are coming together nicely, but i still have some work to do (you know, hanging curtains, sorting out clothing).

my sister visited over memorial weekend. we didn't get as much as i had planned to get completed done, but we sure had a lot of fun!  we went to ikea on saturday night. they had an amazing special where whatever you ate in their cafe, they would take it off your total if you spent more than $100 in furniture. amazing! we had yummy mac and cheese, french fries, salmon, swedish fish, and of course some salad hehe... sustenance for the shopping! after dinner, we spent quite some time in the showroom.

i have been busily dreaming up ideas for my craft/project/studio space.  i love alicia paulson's studio she featured here. i wanted to also use white furniture in the space since all my crafting things are brightly colored and fun. nicole balch from making it lovely also has an enviable studio here. want some additional inspiration? check out these from apartment therapy.  it was exciting to think of the possibilities!

after browsing the ikea website for days, i was all set to purchase the EXPEDIT bookcase. i liked the price and thought i could do something fun with the little display squares.

what i was concerned about? would it be too many "boxes" when my pb cubbies were on the wall? it also was a bit modern. my sister pointed out i might need more clothing storage and less book storage that i thought anyway. older sisters can be so wise :) so it was a no-go on the expedit.

for clothing storage and some book storage then, i decided i wanted to get the ASPELUND wardrobe.

this was one i had liked for awhile, but didn't realize how perfect it would be in the new space. i didn't end up purchasing it yet (i'll get to that later), but it is definitely at the top of my wishlist. i also think it could work in a variety of spaces in the future (something very important to keep in mind when apartment living.)

what i did end up getting, was such a find! my sister and i had liked the HEMNES bookcase in white in the showroom, but $185 was just too much for only one bookcase.

holy ikea surprises. we went into the "as is" section and there one was! no dents, no dings, just an old display for only $125! wahoo! we dis-assembled it in the store and took it home. it worked perfectly on the smaller wall, which means the aspelund will still also fit on the original wall i was planning. yay!

i need to snap up some pictures to share with you. but i am loving the space already!

until next time,


  1. How exciting!! Good luck with everything, and I can`t wait until you have access to the internet and post your outfits again! I miss seeing you style your dresses so perfectly :)

  2. nice find! Congrats. I can't wait to see this space. My studio room has been in disarray for far too long. I need to get at it, and look forward to your inspiring photos to get me there. We just dropped a good chunk of change at Ikea too...I now own 4 expedits in the 4x4 variety. They are so storage handy!