Thursday, June 30, 2011

anthropologie floridian oasis heels fitting review

hello. i purchased the floridian oasis heels last weekend from anthropologie and just cannot rave about them enough.

the perfect color for summer, pretty comfortable too. online says these run a size small after size 38. i would say that they run small no matter what size you are. again, i am a 36.5 or 6.5 and these are a 38! holy moly! i have never been a 38 before. but as you can see, it's not like i have tons of room. so ladies, size up!

until next time,


  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love the color of the shoes. Are they comfortable to walk in?

  3. I think they are pretty comfortable, given the higher heel and smaller platform.

  4. Thank you. I love your style and love your blog.

  5. i'm totally going to order these after your review! i think with tights in the fall they would work too.

  6. aww thank you annie!! :)

    audrey - i totally agree. i was just thinking both the plum and coral color would look amazing with grey nubby wool tights. (can you tell i just love fall? i am excited already and it is barely july.)