Thursday, June 30, 2011

anthropologie artist's rendering dress fitting review

back again with another fitting review. this time for odille's artist rendering dress. this one isn't my typical style, but i really liked the fit, so here it is!

wearing a size 8. i felt like it fit pretty true to size.


pockets are always a plus too.

until next time,


  1. That dress is so gorgeous! It makes me wonder whether I should get rid of my Violet Gloaming and get this instead!

  2. I love this dress and I bought it when I was visiting NJ (no sales tax--YAY!!) but I did go up a size to a 6 because I found the top to be a bit snug around my bust. I can't wait to wear this one and think that with the earthy colors it could easily be a 3 season dress. It looks great on you. Hope it went home with you too!! ~JennJ

  3. i bought this dress too. it was perfect to wear to work then out on a date. i really love it.

  4. oh terrie, i don't know about that! the violet's gloaming is so pretty...

    jenn - i agree. i think some will need to size up. for me, it just wasn't my style, but i do think it is a very pretty dress and very versatile. so glad it worked for you!!

    audrey - yay! so glad it worked! :)