Wednesday, June 29, 2011

anthropologie chiseled wedge fitting review

hello there. if you saw in the last post, i had on the chiseled wedges. i really am loving some of the new shoe selections right now from anthropologie. i feel like they are really refreshing from prior releases.

they run true to size if not a bit big. i think i will end up with the 6.5 (so true to size) but i could fit the 6 too. just a little too tight for comfort right now. my only concern is i feel like my feet get a little bigger in the summer from all the flip flops and with tights in the winter, i might actually need the 6s. oh well. i'll probably go with the 6.5s.

until next time,


  1. oOOoo.OOOh! i'll have to get these. nice apt too!

  2. they're definitely different and I can see them going with so many things!

  3. Very unique shoes! They look great on you and I'm sure they will go with a lot.

  4. audrey - thanks!

    sammie - i love neutral shoes. because i often wear such bright colors or unique combinations, i tend to go more subdued on the shoe.

    meghan - thanks! still on the wishlist. i think they will work year-round too.