Wednesday, May 11, 2011

outfit of the day: 05.11.2011

hello there! happy wednesday! today's outfit should be no surprise...

so one slight switch up to the anticipation heels, which honestly, were the closest to find. i just love my anticipation heels. such a good buy! thinking through my closet move definitely makes me realize i have workhorses and some other items than aren't earning their "stripes" so to speak. once i finish moving, i might have to re-sort and perhaps post a few on my find-and-dime for someone else to love.

i have also come to the realization that for the past year i have had the best walk-in closet i will probably ever have. we're talking huuuggee with space for a dresser and extra storage. though i definitely still have a nice walk-in closet in my new place, it just can't compete with the additional space 9' ceilings had given me.

oh well. i could always turn the 2nd bedroom into a dream closet like zooey deschanel's in that cotton commerical. you know the one? watch it here on youtube. i think she is absolutely adorable and that closet is perfection.  here's my polyvore breakdown:
Anthropologie dress
$168 -


Peep toe heels
$80 -

Flower jewelry
$20 -

Michael Kors face watch
$180 -

until next time,


  1. I love seeing your outfits, but I don't think I've ever commented look adorable! Love the blooming lattice cardi with that dress!
    I LOVE that commercial with Zooey! Wish I had her entire closet....I start drooling everytime I see that commercial. Also, I love your watch..I have my eye on a Fossil one that looks very similar but I can't decide between the brown or white face. Wow, that was a long post...guess that makes up for me never posting before!

  2. aww thank you meghan! hehe so glad you commented! good luck with the decision... i am usually not very good with those, which is how i end up with multiple watches! :)

  3. the one thing I miss the most from my old apartment is the HUGE walk in closet. and to be honest getting ready in the morning is just NOT the same! i hope this won't be the case with you. in love with the dress! great outfit.

  4. i know! i am already planning for a bit of a switcheroo when it comes to how the closet is planned right now... but i am waiting for my sister to come visit and help me execute! :) maybe one day i can have a big pretty closet again. hehe.