Tuesday, May 17, 2011

outfit of the day: 05.16.2011

hello!  still catching up, but did you all get anything delightful at the anthropologie tag sale today?

i popped online this morning and ended up ordering just the pezza dress in the green colorway... i initially liked the blue (and reviewed it here) but it was no longer available online and all my local stores have been sold out of it for some time (and i am still debating on it as i am not sure the green will be quite right for me...)

anyways, onto the outfit of the day: ever have those days where you just love your outfit? i felt like that on monday.

it started off with the weekend. on friday night, S went to dinner with me and helped me move a bit. it is certianly nice to have some help. (can't wait till sunday when we meet up again!) then, i had a wonderful evening with my pal M on sunday. she popped over to have a "grand tour" of the apartment and brought delicious eclairs to celebrate. yay!

if there is one thing that is fun about moving it is all the friends who come to visit (especially ones who bring treats!)! anyway, the good vibes from the weekend just continued into monday morning. i had to wake up extra early as now i am an official "communter." i had just finished organizing one side of my closet, so it was nice and easy to create an outfit.

i love roygbiv organization by garment type.

still working on the shoes above. but from my organized closet, i came up with this:

i had my hair in a ponytail too. it was preppy and simple. i loved it.  i got to wear some heels i have been dying to wear, just not sure what to pair with them. this outfit was perfect for them.


here is the polyvore breakdown:
Betsey Johnson bronze shoes
$81 - shoes.com

Miss Selfridge leaf jewelry
6.50 GBP - missselfridge.com

$28 - anthropologie.com

Boys' Cherokee
$6.98 - target.com


oh and curious about progress on the apartment unpacking and styling? 
here's a little sneak peak:

can't wait to get it all prettied up and share more!

until next time,


  1. Great outfit! I really like what you are doing in the living room. I'm going to try to ignore the ottoman that I stupidly missed out on. sigh.

  2. I did buy from Anthro this Monday at the Charlottesville, VA store. I got the "Inkwell" skirt, and a Cartonnier cropped green jacket. They will be so cute for my work outfits and cost about $75 together, yay!

    I love all your shoes - it makes me sad my feet are so little that I can't ever order Anthro shoes, I'm a size 5 to 5.5 usually.

  3. Love your outfit! The tones in the shoes are perfect...

    I picked up the Pezza too! I'm wondering how this 'sale' might develop over the next weeks...

  4. I love this outfit. I think the preppy look works with the shoes.

    I haven't bought a thing from this tag sale. It was a real letdown. I've been holding out for the Take Action dress and Back Porch blouse. :(

  5. fallon - aww. i have two silver ones if you are interested! i think i am keeping only the gold one. :)

    melissa - ooh, those sounds like good picks! i have a size 6-7 if it makes you feel better. almost just as small!

    thatdamngreendress - thanks so much! i am always curious... but a lot of the things other bloggers are anxious for, i already purchased... whoops!

    c - thanks!! i agree, not much on sale i was interested in.

  6. Holy crap...I die for those shoes. And that couch!!! It's the couch of my dreams. I seriously have to pick up some of those cool ottomans too. Thanks for the find!