Wednesday, May 4, 2011

anthropologie mariposa tank fitting review and styling options

so i popped into anthropologie, curious to see if the mariposa tank by girls from savoy had landed. i am not really a butterfly girl, but i loved the colors and style of the top. it pretty much inspired all my current loves:
Floral print skirt
$33 -

Juicy couture jewelry
$78 -

Sunglasses glass shade
$89 -

Moulins Jute Pillow
$38 -

lavender travels vase
$26 -

Numbers on Jute Pillow
$48 -

Blouses - Clothes -
$78 -

gosh. i am having a big moment for lavender and yellow with pops of pink and green. i just can't get enough! i think my new conure rug must be on my brain. i keep thinking of how it will work in my living room and now i am loving anything that has conjures up the same feeling for me. has that ever happened to you? crazy interior decorating messing with my wardrobe!

anyway, the mariposa tank was waiting for me and here is the review (i apologize the pictures are not good. it's that dang lighting in the newer anthropologie near my home that doesn't work well with camera phones. the anthro is closer to my home and has more convenient hours, but i hate going there for fitting reviews!)

knowing the top was girls from savoy, which tends to run large, i grabbed a 6 and an 8. wowza. this top runs small. the 8 zipped up but was too tight for my liking (not really fitted cute, but fitted uncomfortable) so i had to go to a 10! that is the photo above.

in the 10, i loved the fit and the colors were perfect. only cons with the top are the straps are SO long. the straps were on the smaller of two button holes and it still needed to go up by about 1-2 inches (again, photo shows the straps sort of bagging at my shoulder). this is an easy fix, so i'm not concerned. at $78 it's perfectly priced. loved it and can't wait to wear it!

speaking of wearing, here are some options to how i would wear it:

first, for work i played down the whimsy by adding grey - but then kicked it back up with some fun shoes:
Red Herring long sleeve top
22 GBP -

50s style pencil skirt
$33 -

Poetic Licence beaded heels
$99 -

Betsey Johnson post earring
$35 -

ALDO buckle belt
$20 -

Blouses - Clothes -
$78 -

the second option works with the colors in the top and takes no mercy:
50s style pencil skirt
$148 -

Isharya brass jewelry
$95 -

Blouses - Clothes -
$78 -

Sequin Garland Heels -
$318 -

i am in love with those shoes. too bad they are too spendy :(

the third option plays with print and pattern, the brown stripe just works with that butterfly print:
Paloma Barceló platform wedge heels
185 GBP -

Kate Spade crystal jewelry
$75 -

Blouses - Clothes -
$78 -

and lastly, a more casual look. i think it could pair well with my en route blazer and orange driving mocs:
Pilcro Slit-Ankle Crops
$98 -

Beverly feldman shoes
$98 -

Blouses - Clothes -
$78 -

hope you get to enjoy the nice weather before it swings back to rain!

until next time,


  1. oh, I love the options with yellow and mint, and it's dreamy with the striped pencil skirt. Loving these colours right now too!

  2. I love that top and am shocked that the Girls are running small now! Usually they are oversized.

  3. i know! i still need to get the straps shortened, but i am anxious to wear it. i just love the print! :)

  4. Ugghh I tried on the butterfly tank last night and just couldn't get the fit right. Too snug for my liking through the middle in my size and one size up and when I went two sizes up the straps were WAY too long and so was the overall length of the shirt. With the slight flare at the hem hitting me at a wide point and the length I'd have to do alterations to make it work. Maybe if it hits sale. It looks fab on you though! :) I also returned the green version of the other top. The stupid hem was uneven on the one that I bought and I was more in love with the Creased Swirls Corset Top, so that one came home instead. I love the yellow one with the mint skirt! So cute for work!