Friday, May 6, 2011

outfit of the day: 05.05.2011

along with the mariposa tank from anthropologie, i was anxious to try on the loosened shelby blouse by porridge. my store finally got them in and though i liked the blue floral pattern, the green and yellow ones stole my heart. i really liked the green color in store and thought it was exactly the same medium perfect green color i saw online.  i'll wear it in the next few days and post some photos :) of course the yellow was just lovely too. i needed a few pops of color to liven up my spring wardrobe, so i ended up with both.
a few drop ins for the spring wardrobe

a few drop ins for the spring wardrobe by prettycupcake

because i also wanted to wear my turquoise san pedro pencil skirt by eva franco from anthropologie, i wore the lemon yellow blouse on thursday. i loved the vibrant color combo:

on a side note, i went with a 4 in both of the loosened shelby blouses. this is down about 1-2 sizes from my typical 6-8s. the san pedro skirt i went with a 10. this is one size up/true to size for eva franco pencil skirts. i need to get the waist taken in and the hem raised about 1/2 inch, but the size 8 was just a smidge too tight for work. with a cotton/poly blend, i didn't trust it would stretch out as much as i would need.

clearly, i also needed to steam the blouse :) but i had to be at work before 8, so i just ran out the door.

to tone down the vibrant colors, i added in a navy blazer and my navy espadrilles.

added my orange merona belt from target. i felt like this final touch tied in the yellow and orange from the shoes with the blouse and belt.


here is the polyvore breakdown:
$58 -

J Crew wool blazer
$188 -

Pencil skirt
$148 -

Bettye Muller platform shoes
$148 -

Forever21 hoop earring
$6.80 -

Dorothy Perkins skinny belt (similar. again, mine was from target)
5 GBP -

until next time,


  1. lovely- those shoes make a great statement with the streamlined silhouette of the skirt and blouse!

  2. This outfit totally rocks. I'm loving the structured jacket with the Bohemian platform shoes. And the color combo is fantastic! Wish I could try on that skirt right now... big thanks to you and other bloggers who can give me a true idea of which size to buy once it hits sale.

  3. thatdamngreendress - thanks!! the shoes are pretty comfortable too!

    molly - thank you! :) i went back and forth between the 8 and the 10. the 10 did grow in the waist after wearing it for 8 hours, but i think it was still the right choice. the 8 had a little too much booty for work :)