Tuesday, May 10, 2011

outfit of the day: 05.10.2011

hi there! how have you been? i have been missing in action that's for sure. but exciting news to share: the movers come on friday! eeeek! i have been busy prepping (or thinking about prepping and laying in bed resting/procrastinating...) these next weeks i will be swinging into full on moving mode!

over the weekend i picked up a sheepskin rug (on sale! wahoo!) from west elm for my new bedroom. the perfect thing to take my first steps out of bed in the morning. i am anxious to see it all come together in there and play around with the options. (although in order to play with options, they need to actually be in my new place...)

the weather has not been helping either. i had planned to move all my 'cold weather' gear much earlier, but with the weather swings i couldn't count on moving winter items or summer items. but i think we are now over the cold hump, as today it got all the way up to 87 degrees! and if we needed more variety, tonight there were tornadoes and golf-ball sizes hail! that certainly threw a wrench into my moving plans.

one perk of moving is going through the closet and rediscovering some older items, like what i wore today:
J Crew floral print skirt
$98 - jcrew.com

All Black bow pumps
$130 - endless.com

Metal earring
$28 - anthropologie.com

despite the weather, i did end up packing up 3/4 of my closet into my car tonight (indoor garages are the best!),  and because i was packing up a storm, i had to plan out the rest of the week's outfits as to not pack them up:
Pullover dress
$168 - anthropologie.com

Polka dot dress
$168 - anthropologie.eu

Cardigan sweater


J crew
$72 - jcrew.com

Black pump shoes
$158 - anthropologie.com

J crew shoes
$100 - jcrew.com

how was your weekend? take advantage of the nice weather?

hope you have a good week! and i can't wait to share some photos on friday of the move. :)

until next time,


  1. You are going to be one busy bee this week! I hope the move goes well and look forward to seeing how things come together.

  2. good luck on the move! I love the piscane sweater, too bad I missed out on it :(

  3. That J.Crew floral skirt is so pretty! Good luck with the move :)

  4. good luck! that stacked petal tee was in the stores during my first ever trip to anthropologie- I was totally dying for it but didn't get it! I've been contemplating a DIY version ever since...yes, my DIY projects are often DOA!

  5. fallon - thanks! me too! i can't stop thinking about it and honestly, it will be a relief when it all comes together.

    sammie - thanks! that is one of my most favorite sweaters ever. i haven't worn it much this season, but it makes me smile just thinking about it.

    lisa - thanks! :)

    thatdamngreendress - aww! i have both the cream and black stacked petals, but haven't worn them much. i just never wear knit tees as much... hmm..

  6. thank you so much ladies! :) i can't wait to share photos with you soon!