Friday, May 6, 2011

finally friday

thank goodness it's friday! this week has been out of control at work (and by the time i get home, i am so exhausted the thought of packing is enough to send me straight to bed),  i am so very glad it is the weekend.

i went for comfortable, casual today:

what i'm wearing: j.crew sweater, urban outfitters sailboats bow top, level 99 skinny jeans, all black flats

after work i continued the world's slowest move between apartments and managed to snap a few more pictures. here are my new pots on the patio, just waiting for some flowers.

i made up the daybed in the living area. i used a vintage quilt as the bedspread.

still a work in progress of course. as soon as i get the rest of my furniture in the place, i might move it all around and restyle for a sleeker look. also need to call the apartment maintenance to hang the chandelier. i am so excited to see it up.

love the mixture of colors, prints, and textures.

i found a few more home decor accessories that might work their way into the decor. (you know a girl's gotta have lots of options to style it all out.) i really like the pop of yellow in these laterns. the vase also caught my eye.   

i didn't grab any of the recent calypso st. barth clothing at target, but did get two silver ottoman poufs. we'll see if they make the cut.

happy weekend!

until next time,


  1. What a fun blog :)
    You probably have already seen it but...
    there is a new site called Chick Approved where
    girls upload their daily outfits. Meganheartsmakeup from Youtube started it.

  2. LOVE the yellow lanterns! And those flower pots are so pretty. It's great to see the day bed all made up and I can't wait to see the chandelier finally in place.

  3. auntie bliss - thanks! :) so glad you stopped by!

    lisa - thanks! i loved the yellow lanterns too. i love the daybed made up, but i think i need to make it more streamlined to fit in with the overall room decor. the vintage quilt is just too bright... more to come!