Friday, May 13, 2011

outfit of the day: 05.12.2011

well, i am finally able to share with you my outfit from thursday! sorry for the delay, as you are probably aware, blogger was having some crazy issues. :(  i realized my polka dot dress that i planned on wearing was still at the dry-cleaners, so i wore an old classic from leifsdottir and paired it with my newer en route blazer.


here is the polyvore breakdown:
Anthropologie dress
$130 -

Forever21 winged shoes
$25 -

J Crew silk jewelry
$70 -

i'll be a little mia for the next few days as i continue with the move - but all my furniture arrived safely and i am looking forward to sharing photos. (i just need to get my internet service at my new place!) have a wonderful weekend!

until next time,


  1. Thanks for reviewing this blazer before...I got it and love it so much, it is the most comfortable blazer ever!

  2. That blazer is adorable, and I love the touch of silver with the shoes.

  3. I love that dress! Do you know what the anthro name was?

  4. I agree, that dress is fantastic!

  5. perfect color combo for spring. loving those winged shoes. great look!

  6. LC - i know! i have been wearing it more than i ever imagined!

    thank you jess!

    melissa - it is the morning colors dress by leifsdottir. i think if you click on the actual polyvore, it will take you to a link that shows all the real names. for some reason when you paste into blogger it erases them and inserts boring descriptions.

    thanks lisa and stephania! :)