Monday, May 23, 2011

outfit of the day: 05.21.2011

hello there! how has the past week been? i have been busy moving and missing from here (and miss all of you!) but i promise i will come back soon enough. i still don't have internet at my new place (and i think that is a good thing. it is forcing me to unpack quickly!) but as soon as i do, i promise it will be back to normal daily-ish posting.

i also made the bold move to cancel my comcast cable subscription. eek! no tv! i have been wanting to start exercising more, reading more, and getting out and about. i think no tv will help me do all those things (at least for the summer...) plus i can still watch secrets from a stylist on

do you have cable? if not, do you miss tv? how do you supplement?

on saturday, i wore a dress i picked up at ann taylor loft earlier this spring. it was finally warm enough to wear, but i forgot to snap a picture. i am sure you'll see me in it throughout the summer though :) i purchased a small in the dress. it was breezy and comfortable all day long.
$69 -

Ankle strap sandal
$118 -

$28 -

i picked up the peacock plume sandals this week at anthropologie and couldn't be happier. i found they ran true to size and were really comfortable. we're talking i wore them for 8 hours walking around and they were still cushy! :) the brand is kelsi dagger. normally i love her sandals but cannot wear them because of the cross straps near the toes. my feet are a little wide and never seem to fit quite right in those straps. i am happy to report with these i had no issues. perfect fit. yay!

have a lovely monday and i'll be back sooner than later with more outfits and apartment snapshots!

until next time,


  1. What a cute dress! I think you will love not having TV. We donated our TV last year and I haven't missed it at all. We do still watch some shows online, but it's so much better because we can choose a few really good shows to watch (without commercials:) instead of just watching tons of trash (which I tended to do). Good for you!

  2. I love those sandals. They have moved to my wishlist.

    I wish I could get rid of cable but my family would probably mutiny. Now you'll have more shopping money! I bet you won't even miss it.

  3. We never watch our TV, though in our rural area we HAVE to get cable with our internet subscription. We actually watch Netflix more than anything through our Wii - it's great for watching old movies on our family nights. Now my kids have seen "How to Steal a Million" with Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole, and want to see more. Since we don't really watch TV other movie night, we play boardgames two days a week and take bike rides.

  4. kristin - i like the no commercials for sure! thanks about the dress! super comfy too! :)

    c - i wore them again yesterday. i really like how they are basic colors to go with all sorts of outfits in the summer. haha it is much easier to make decisions for oneself when you live alone :) the money thing was the primary reason. i just spent $120ish on the last bill and thought i am never home to watch tv and this is outrageous!

    melissa - how fun!! with summer approaching, i am looking forward to losing the tv excuse for why i am not execising! i love going for walks/jogs and i want to start back up!

  5. Good for you cancelling cable tv. I'll bet you won't miss it, especially since summer is coming up. Most tv shows go on hiatus and there's so many fun things to do outside anyway. I kinda want to do this too... our cable bill is atrocious.