Wednesday, May 4, 2011

patio ideas

happy may! whew! sorry for my sporadic absenses. once may is over and my move is complete, i'll be able to resume a more normal postine regime (but i have been keeping up with all of you!).

this moving business has got me exhausted (and then i came down with a cold), but at least the warmer weather has me excited to decorate my new outdoor space. here's what i am thinking:

i love my red/pink vintage metal chairs. i want to add blues, greens, and pinks to the color scheme. i found some fabulous blue and white aged ceramic pots similar to the ones in the photo from t.j.maxx. i like the idea of keeping it more traditional english garden inspired, with a hint of whimsy from the bunting.

until next time,


  1. Those chairs make me so happy too. I want some too. I'd love to find robin's egg blue ones to sit out on our new lawn. Your little polyvore patio is too lovely. So happy for you in your new space!

  2. oh gosh. robin's egg blue would be beaautiful! i also had a soft spot for that perfect color of jadite green - but when i saw the red outside of my favorite haunt, i knew it was time to go for it! my sister (the green thumb) is visiting in late may, so hopefully she can help me make my polyvore dream come true!