Wednesday, May 18, 2011

outfit of the day: 05.18.2011

holy may! it is already the 18th. can you believe it!? so last night amidst all the moving, i popped into anthropologie for a bit of a relief. plus, looking at their displays always inspires me for my own home. i ended up trying on a few random sale things, including the hydrangea petals maxi dress by moulinette soeurs. this dress never appealed to me until i saw it on molly from anthromollogies here that is. <sigh>

so pretty right? i love how she styled it... but i still thought it wouldn't be quite right on me and it was long gone from my local stores. then, last night, they had a lonely size 4 on the sale rack. i am not a 4, but i grabbed it and tried anyway. it fit perfectly (either it runs big or all this moving has got me in shape!). it looked like it was made for me. even the right length on my 5'4 frame!

i fell in love. so flowy. so perfect for breezy days. and... i could make it work for work. don't believe me? see below:



here is the polyvore breakdown (i also think a navy blazer would be amazing with this dress!):
Silk maxi dress
$100 -

Peep toe wedge
$138 -

$28 -

New Arrivals - Clothes -
$118 -

have a lovely wednesday night. i might take a night off from moving and just unpack a bit.

until next time,


  1. cute outfit du jour! Don't you love the spectator espadrilles? I have them and I swear, they go with *almost* everything! YAY!

  2. I love that dress with a blazer. It's totally work appropriate.

  3. What a lovely outfit! I adore this blazer... so structured and flattering, yet super feminine and girly. My favourite combinations!

  4. This dress looks amazing on you! So glad you gave it a chance and picked it up! The blazer with it is genius. Thanks for the linky love! Didn't you just love the swishy-swish it did around your ankles all day long?

  5. I never considered that blazer w/a dress. Super cute!

  6. sammie - i do love them! i am surprised more people haven't posted about them, because they do go with everything and are quite comfy!

    C - i totally agree more! i can't wait to wear it on summer nights too!

    Carly - thanks so much! :) i adore the fit of this blazer - and the feminine detailing is so perfect too!

    Molly - thanks so much! :) i can't believe i never noticed it until i saw it on you! ;) i loved the long skirt, but i have to admit, i am such a fast walker i noticed the skirt couldn't keep up! :) maybe it's a sign things should go a bit slower in such a flowy dress.

    gigi - thanks! ;)