Friday, October 8, 2010

outfit of the day: 10.08.10

hello there. the weather has been crazy here. today it got up to 80! not that i mind, but i do love fall layering, so it is a bit weird to go from coats, sweaters, and tights back to blouses and jeans.

overall, my outfit was pretty simple today:
Anthropologie Blouse
Anthropologie »

Women's Mossimo® Black Veralis Ruffle Demi-Heel Suede Shoe - Grey
Suede heel »

i like the idea of mixing a dressier top with more casual tomboy/boyfriend style jeans. i am on a mission to try to wear more of my separates, but it is proving to be quite hard as i tend to gravitate towards my dresses. we'll see how long this lasts...

until next time,

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